Exploring Lapland on a snowscooter

I’m a scaredy cat. I’m afraid of heights, I can’t watch horror movies because I will never sleep again and I probably have pissed off my roommates numerous times by turning on the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night (but seriously, how else am I  gonna get rid of that spider that’s right above my bunk bed?)

Anyway, we booked our trip to Lapland via an organization (XPlore the North) that arranged everything for us. The flight, the lodge we stayed in, the meals, and the activities. They had arranged two ways for us to explore the snowy landscape. One was awesome. One was terrifying…

The first way was by a snowscooter. Now, I do have a driver’s licence and I’m generally not scared to drive. I’ve never driven a scooter before, let alone one that’s made to drive on snow and ice. I was kind of nervous before we started, how does this work, are we gonna crash, what happens if we’re gonna crash? But I tried it anyway. And it was kinda scary, but also very fun! The people that drove in front of us wanted to go really fast, so they waited untill the ones driving in front of them were out of sight, and then they drove like madmen. It didn’t take long until we couldn’t see them anymore.

During a little break, we changed seats. Boyfriend really wanted to drive and even though I’m very glad I tried, it just wasn’t for me. So he took the wheel and then he went driving like a madman, me screaming with joy (and terror) in the backseat.

Being a passenger was way more fun. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride, while taking in the beautiful landscape we were driving through. There was so much snow and the air felt fresh. We saw the sunrise and we saw wild reindeer passing by. It was wonderful.

Halfway through the trip, we took a longer break to have a hot drink and cookies. One of the others asked our tourguide if people ever crashed while driving the snowscooters. Our guide laughed and said he was actually surprised that it hadn’t happened with our group yet… Can you guess what happened next?

During our way back, every ten minutes or so we would have to stop because the people behind us had crashed. I didn’t know how it kept happening, since we were in front of them so we couldn’t see. But it meant that we had some more time to take in this winter wonderland we were in, and take pictures. We also got to see our tour guide in action, when he came to the rescue.

So this scaredy cat actually really enjoyed a tour by a snowscooter. And we only crashed into a tree once!


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