Hotels made of snow and sleeping under the stars

Lapland is such a wonderful place to be and there are some unforgettable locations where you can spend the night. Of the four nights we stayed in Lapland, three of them were spend in this lovely wooden lodge. As I said before, we booked out trip through an organization that took care of everything and they were also in charge of our lodging. We stayed at the Pinetree Lodge in Kangos, Sweden. We also visited a snow hotel which would be such an amazing place to stay and we slept in the most incredible Aurora Hideaway, which is by far, the most wonderful place I have ever spent the night.

Pine tree lodge in the snow at evening

The pinetree lodge is a cosy cabin in the middle of the woods. Everything was made out of wood, it had a sauna and a restaurant, and upstairs there were some couches you could lounge on, read a book, or play some chess. You could also hire a private cabin, instead of room in the lodge, where you could relax in front the fire.

Our lodge was super cosy, but it’s nothing compared to the magnificent Snow Village we visited in Kittila, Finland. We didn’t actually spend the night here, but when we arrived in Lapland, our guides took us here so we could have a look at this most amazing place. It was all in Game of Thrones style and it was absolutely stunning.

Everything in the hotel was made out of ice or snow. We actually saw some work in progress, because there was this man who was carving doors like the ones you see above. It was impressive to see, but even more impressive to actually walk through a building that is made entirely out of snow and ice.

direwolf made from snow with glowing eye

Even the beds were made out of ice! Luckily, they had ‘normal’ matrasses, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually sleep on a bed made of ice.

There are more snow hotels in Lapland. A colleague of mine told me some friends of her went to Lapland as well. They stayed in a different snow hotel where they watched the Northern Lights and actually got engaged while watching them! How romantic!

The snow hotels are rebuilt every year. Because everything is made of ice and snow, it all melts away when the weather changes. When winter is coming, they have to rebuilt it again. That means the hotels and the rooms are never the same as they were before, which makes it even more fascinating.

sign in snowy landscape

When we booked our trip to Lapland, we booked the Aurora Hideaway as an extra upgrade for one of our nights. The hideaway is a private cabin in the middle of the forest, on the edge of a great lake. The sides and ceiling are made of glass, so you have a perfect view of the forest and the night sky.

It was so wonderful! It was such a cosy little cabin, and the view was just perfect. We also got some snacks and a bottle of Cava. We stayed up late watching the stars, enjoying the silence of nature all around us.

snowy landscape with trees and the moon above lapland

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