Dogsledding through the snow

In total, we spent 4 days in Lapland. We arrived on Sunday, which is when we went to the Snow Village. On monday we explored the Swedish North by snow scooter, which was super scary but also super fun. On tuesday, we went for a ride with a dog sled and it was absolutely amazing.

This was one of the activities I was most excited about. It’s an adventure I have seen in movies and read about in books and I couldn’t wait to experience it myself!

Our sled had five dogs and one of us was ‘driving’ and the other could relax and sit in the sled. I sat in the sled for the entire ride, because I had some problems with my contacts, but it didn’t bother me, because it meant that I could enjoy this ride and take in the views around me!

This was our dog team: Bagheera, Tweety, Light (which I call Lightsaber because that is way more awesome), Viper and Ivy. They were all so so cute and very excited. The person who was ‘driving’ the sled, didn’t actually have to drive. The dogs just ran and they followed the trail and the people in front of us. But we had to brake so the dogs wouldn’t run into the sled in front of us.

It was like riding a rollercoaster through the snow, pulled by five amazingly strong dogs. I can tell you all about it but you should experience this yourself. It is so awesome and it should definitely be on your bucketlist.

At one point, of our dogs lost it’s sock. Tweety was wearing this little red socks, and he lost one during the way. We didn’t know why he was wearing them, but we figured it must be important. So we stopped our sled, and I climbed out to get it. Before I knew what was happening, I saw our sled driving away very, very fast, and my boyfriend yelling ‘Oh shit!’ before running after it. Turns out, he thought he could reach for the sock, but then he slipped and let go of the brake. There was nothing holding the dogs back anymore and they just went for it. Freedom!

Luckily, we didn’t lose the dogs as they couldn’t go far. They ran into the sled in front of us (which was a little farther since they hadn’t noticed for a bit that we had stopped). No one was hurt, we finally caught up with our sled, and we continued our journey.

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