A dream come true

I saved the best for last. Of course, one of the main reasons we went to Lapland, was to see the Northern Lights. The predictions weren’t that good, so the week before we went, I was kinda scared that we wouldn’t be able to see them. But we were so incredibly lucky, because we saw them. Three nights in a row ♥

When we arrived at the pinetree lodge on sunday, we were already kinda tired from getting up early to catch the plane, and from the journey. The lodge had these door hangers which said ‘wake me up when there’s northern lights!’ Of course we put it on our door when we went to bed, but I actually wanted to sleep really bad. They didn’t wake us that night.

On Monday night, we went for a snowshoe walk. The predictions were bad, so to be honest, I didn’t really see the point in the walk. But within ten minutes or so, our guide yelled ‘Look! There’s Northern Lights’. With our mouths open we gaped at the skies. The guide told us that she wasn’t too excited, because they were a little vague. But we didn’t care. For us it was a whole new experience.

On Tuesday night, we had booked a night in the aurora hideaway. It was dark already and we had been given a bottle of cava and some snacks. We lighted some candles, enjoyed our champagne and gazed at the stars. Again, the predictions were bad but it was a lovely night already, because the sky was bright and we could see a lot of stars and constellations. And then, vague at first but it got better, green ‘clouds’ could be seen from our little cabin. It was such a wonderful night. We could lay back in our warm, cosy hideaway, sipping some champagne and enjoying the northern lights. It was one of the best nights of my life ♥

And then. Our final night in Lapland. We had booked a private sauna and jacuzzi for an hour or two, which was amazing. We started in the sauna that was 80 degrees Celcius, then we went outside for the true Lapland experience (scaredy-cat as I am, I didn’t plunge into the snow or into the freezing water) where it was -25 degrees Celcius, and then inside the hottub which was about 30 degrees. It was lovely. When our time was up, we went back to the lodge, thinking it a perfect ending to a perfect vacation. It was 11 pm, I think, and I went to bed. Then came a knock on our door. Boyfriend, who was still awake, opened the door to someone being super excited and telling us we had to get outside because there were massive northern lights out there. So we pulled our ski clothing over our pyjamas, grabbed our camera and ran outside. It was freezing cold without our thermal clothing, but we didn’t care. The whole skies had turned green and the lights danced and danced, and we gaped and gaped and tried to take some pictures but mostly we just stared in awe. It was unbelievable.


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