Citytrip Dublin (part two)

Dublin is such an amazing city. On our first day, we saw the Garden of Remembrance, went to the Dublin writer’s museum, bought some books at Chapters, had tea at the Tea Garden and had the best fish and chips of the city. Now, time for a little overview on our second day there!

Today we explored the city a bit, taking in the beautiful architecture all around us. We were walking towards Trinity College where we wanted to visit the exposition of the Book of Kells. We didn’t actually visit the exposition, because there was a line that was way too long. Later we heard that we should have bought tickets online, and then we wouldn’t have had to wait in line. So if you’re in Dublin or about the visit the city and you want to see the book of Kells, make sure you buy your tickets online.

Instead, we visited the National Library where we saw an exposition of Yeats, one of Dublin’s most famous writers. It was very interesting and though there were some videos of someone reading Yeats’ poetry very badly, it was interesting to learn more of his life and to view some of his work.

After all that walking we felt that we deserved a little something, so we went into this bakery called Dolce Sicily where I had the best strawberry cake ever and some wonderful rose lemonade! I would really recommend this bakery, it was super cute and the food was absolutely amazing.

If my city guide recommends a bookstore, of course I have to go there. It mentioned Ulysses Rare Books, a place where you can buy first editions of the most amazing literature, and a lot of them are signed as well. Unfortunately, I’m not that rich so I couldn’t get my hands on a first copy of Alice in Wonderland (which is my favourite book of all time) but it was wonderful to just see these old books. If you’re a bookwurm, just like me, this place is a must see on your trip to Dublin.

Aside from beautiful architecture and amazing museums, there are also some pretty parks that can be found in Dublin and here you can relax for a bit. We went to St. Stephens Green Park and Iveagh Gardens.

Nearby the Iveagh Gardens, there’s a small shopping center. We had fun in the Disney Store for a bit and then we set out to get some diner. We walked past the Saint Patrick’s CathedralChrist Church and Dublinia on our way to Yamamori where we had the best sushi I ever had.

Yamamori Sushi is another place my city guide recommended and usually, I kinda ignore the whole ‘foods and shops’ section in the books because one of the fun parts of going on a vacation is finding amazing places to eat, and I don’t really like just going where my city guide tells me to go. But this place was nearby and we were hungry, so we just went for it. And the book was right, because the sushi was really good and they also served homemade lemonade, which was absolutely delicious.

After diner we went to the Leprechaun museum which was really fun. A guide told us some myths and stories from Irish folklore and he told us where where the stories came from. It was a fun, interactive museum and we learned a lot. Folklore is an important part of the Irish history so it was a great addition to our vacation.

Our second day of Dublin was very full, as you can see. Only one day remaining and on that day we ate even more cake, visited Dublin castle and went to the most amazing theater show ever! Stay tuned for more stories from Dublin!


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