A rainy day in Dublin

On our first two days in Dublin, the weather was incredible. The third day, not so much. But we didn’t mind. It rains a lot in Ireland (as it does in the Netherlands, by the way), it’s just part of the experience. And our third day was as amazing as the first two, if not better.

We started by having a full English breakfast at King Fisher, where we also had fish and chips on our first day and then we set out for Dublin Castle. We did not take many pictures on our way there, since it was raining very steadily and I didn’t want my camera to get wet.

It was a beautiful setting to walk around in. The Dublin castle was built in the early thirteenth century and is surrounded by these beautiful gardens and buildings that are from different era’s. It’s really interesting to see the differences in them.

When you walk around the building, you will find the Chester Beatty Library where we found an exposition on Japenese Printing. They had all sorts of ancient Japanese scrolls and they were truly amazing.

After visiting the Castle, we went to the Queen of Tarts to have some cake. They had all sorts of amazing flavours, like Baileys Cheesecake, which was super yummy!

The rest of the day we just walked around a bit, bought some more books and spent some time in the hotel. We had cauliflower soup for diner at Murray’s, which was pretty good. Then, we went to the Gate theatre.

We have this tradition that when we’re on vacation, we will visit the theatre to see a show. When we booked our trip to Dublin, I looked at theatre shows and found that the Gate had an interactive show of the Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. When we bought tickets, we were asked to dress the part.

We bought some clothes to fit in and when we went to the theatre, we saw that almost everyone had. The theatre looked exactly like one of Gatsby’s parties and that was also the setting of the show. We, the audience, were all guests to Gatsby’s mansion and were dressed for a party. The show was true to the book and so much fun, we even got a quick lesson how to do the Charleston. I’ve never been to a show like this before and it was absolutely amazing.

And thus concludes our third and last day of Dublin. I really loved it and can’t wait to get back one day to finally see the Book of Kells and try out some new restaurants and museums Dublin has to offer!


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