Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade

A few days ago, I discovered The Elephant Parade, because someone posted pictures of an Alice in Wonderland themed elephant that she found at Pieter Vreedeplein in Tilburg (Netherlands). I really love elephants and these statues seemed super cool, so I googled it and found that I had to go to Tilburg soon.

 I visited my parents yesterday and since they live somewhat close to Tilburg, boyfriend and I decided that we would drive to the city to see the elephants and have dinner there.

The Elephant Parade wants to raise awareness and collect funds to help save the elephants. As you probably all know, they are endangered and they need our help. The exposition of elephant statues can be found in Tilburg in the Netherlands until april 25th, that’s why I wanted to go there so fast. After that, it will move to another location, but I’m not sure where this will be.

The statues are painted by famous people, such as Bryan Adams and Katy Petty. The ones I found in Tilburg weren’t made by anyone I know, but it doesn’t really matter. They looked absolutely stunning.

I really liked seeing these statues. They were incredible and I really hope they will help their cause. There was a pop-up shop where you could buy your own elephant, and do workshops. Unfortunately, it was already closed. I really want to join the cause as well, so maybe I can find an online shop where I can buy an elephant and contribute.

Elephant Parade

I wanted to share this with you. Though they will only be in Tilburg for a short while, maybe you guys will get the chance to go and see them as well. I really love elephants and I think this is a great project.

After watching the elephants, it was time to get some dinner. Since the elephants are in the center of the city, it wasn’t hard to find a place to eat. We went to Tredici, where I had lasagna and boyfriend had a carpaccio pizza. It was delicious!

Elephant Parade

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