Tiptoe through the Tulips

The tulip season has started! One of the things the Dutch are famous for, are the tulips. And now they are in full bloom! I had never seen the tulip fields, so I decided to change that. A week ago, we finally went to see them, and they were so stunning!

From about april 15th until half of may, the tulips are in bloom. Which results in endless fields of color. Pink, yellow, purple, red… Row after row of the brighest colors. It was amazing to see. As I said, I’ve never seen these fields before, and I’m really glad I did now. They made me so happy, all those colorful flowers!

There are a few locations where you can visit them. The most popular is De Keukenhof. There’s a castle and beautiful gardens that are full of tulips. We decided to go somewhere else, because they had predicted that it would be very crowded there. And it was, they had to turn people away. Which is unfortunate, if you traveled all the way to go there. I’d recommend going to a place that is a lot quieter, to make sure you actually can see them (and take awesome pictures without hundreds of people standing behind you in your photo’s…)

beautiful girl in dress in a field of pink flowers

Instead, we decided to drive to the Noordoostpolder, Flevoland. And there was hardly anyone to be seen! It was so peaceful to just walk along the tulip fields, with the sun shining bright and the birds singing. It was wonderful!

purple tulips

We followed a 7 kilometer route that had been set out by the Tulip Festival. We saw about 5 other people who also did (part of) this route. Besides this one, you could also choose to travel by car or by bike and it seemed a lot of people chose either of these options instead of walking.

single white tulip in a field of red tulips

What more can I say? We had an absolute wonderful day. I really love spring, and it was so nice to just walk along these fields and enjoy the sight and the sun. If you’re ever planning on visiting the Netherlands, I’d really recommend going in the spring and visit the tulip fields. It’s something you don’t want to miss!

girl blowing a kiss at the camera with pink flowers in the foreground
single yellow tulip in a field of pink flowers

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