Why I could never have imagined myself wanting to travel the world

I am SO bad at geography. Seriously, it’s not even funny. In high school, I always got the lowest possible score for that subject. I just really didn’t care where I could find the Mississippi river or what the capital of Honduras is. But now, I’d like to go everywhere. Visit cities and countries I’ve never been before, see nature’s wonders and who knows, maybe actually take a boatride on the Mississippi…

In school, we had to learn several continents and countries, rivers, cities, that kind of stuff. Every single time I had to take a quiz, I got an 1/10, which is the lowest possible score. I remember my dad getting mad one time, saying if I would get another 1, he would take away my television. Naturally, we couldn’t have that, so I studied harder, and got a 2/10. I didn’t even do it on purpose! My dad wasn’t too happy about it but since I didn’t get a 1/10, I could keep my television.

It’s funny how things change over time. Now, I don’t even own a television (yeah, I know, I’m weird) but I do own a very big map of the world that’s hanging above our bed.

As a kid, we never traveled much. While my classmates got to go to France or Spain in the summer vacation, we just stayed in our own country. I don’t think I really minded. It’s only when I started to travel myself, that I discovered what I had missed.

My first ‘big’ trip, was in high school. In our third year, I think I was about fifteen years old, we could go on a school trip outside of our country. The places we could go, if I remember correctly, were Elba, Barcelona, Istanbul and Provence. Me and my friends went to the latter. I was super excited, and also terrified, because the trip included a lot of things that were definitely out of my comfort zone. But that’s for another time.

It’s been almost ten years but I still remember sitting on the beach in Nice, looking out at the mediterranean sea and falling in love. Who knew the sea could be so blue? My sister didn’t even believe me when I showed her the pictures, she thought I’d photoshopped it. But it really was that color and it was breathtaking. I knew then and there that this was what I wanted, nay, needed in my life. To view and experience these breathtaking creations of nature. So that’s what I’m trying to do now. Be a traveler and go everywhere. So far, I haven’t been to that many places yet, but it’s all on my list, and I can’t wait to go!


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