Schloss Drachenburg (closed!)

After we finished a lovely day and the most amazing dessert in Köln, we got back into the car to drive further into Germany. Today we would check into our hotel in Schleiden, but before we drove there, we wanted to take an half an hour detour to Schloss Drachenburg.

We parked our car at the food of a hill and we walked the rest of the way. Our feet were aching, but the promise of the castle kept us going. We came across some lovely little restaurants and cafés and when we arrived at the castle, we had the most amazing view of the Siebengebirge.

We knew the castle would be closed by the time we arrived. Both Boyfriend and I aren’t really into guided tours and we’d be happy to only see the castle from outside. But the castle is actually more of a palace than a castle and it’s surrounded by these amazing gardens. And a fence. Which was closed. It wouldn’t be fair to say that we were not disappointed, though I think my feet were secretly happy they didn’t have to walk any further…

Luckily, we could see the castle through the gates, so it  wasn’t all for nothing. Besides, from the top of the hill we had an amazing view of the Siebengebirge. I’m planning to come back again, when the castle is actually open, because I am curious to see what we couldn’t on this trip. I’m not too bummed about it, now we have a good reason to go back! I already added it to my bucketlist.

So here’s a tip, if you wanna visit a castle, make sure it’s actually open… From what I  could see, this castle was really pretty so I’d really recommend going here. Maybe combine it with a trip to Köln, like we did. You can also choose to wander around in the Siebengebirge or visit the village Konigswinter.


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