Another castle and the biggest Schnitzel I have ever seen

Germany, and especially the area around the Eifel, has a lot of amazing castles you can visit. After visiting Hockwildpark Rheinland, we decided it was time for another castle, namely Burg Eltz, the third and last one of our trip.

The castle was about an hour away from the wildpark. Believe it or not, we had to drive fast to make it to the castle before this one closed as well. Timing was not our friend on this trip… So we rushed towards it, parked our car and contemplated if we wanted to take the shuttle bus from the parking spot to the castle, or take the 15 minute walk. The area was absolutely amazing so we decided to walk, in spite of our protesting feet.

We walked through the forest, a path overlooking the most amazing valley. Time after time, we rounded a corner and held our breaths. We could not see the castle yet and we were waiting for that moment where you turn a corner and it just looms up in front of you.

And then it did. And it was amazing. Burg Eltz is really something. We looked up in awe when we rounded the last corner of the forest and quickly went towards it. It’s a fairytale castle that was built in 1157. When we went in, we discovered that the castle not only looked magnificent from the outside, but that it also had an amazing courtyard, with the walls and towers reaching insanely high for something that was built so many years ago. Winding stairs, narrow corridors and low doors, which were not really a problem for me, because I am tiny.

It also had the most amazing view. It overlooked the valley and the road we had walked before and it was absolutely breathtaking. It was quiet and we could hear the birds sing and the brook babbling beneath us.

I think I like this castle best, from the three we visited. Maybe because this was the only one that was actually open and provided us with an amazing view, overlooking the valley beneath it. At any case, it was really lovely and I could really recommend this.

Our second day in Germany was a long one. We stumbled upon a castle by accident, fed wild animals and went to another castle. It was getting late and we wanted to go back to our hotel. But not before we had some dinner. We looked up some restaurants nearby the castle. The way back was an hour and a half and we found a restaurant with great reviews in a little village called Mendig, that was only half an hour away in the same direction our hotel was, so we decided to go there.

One thing you should know before traveling to Germany, is that Germans love food. Not quite in the way the Italian like their food, but in a sense that they like to eat a lot of it. The portions are massive, as we found out for a second time when we went to Vulkan. Vulkan is not only a restaurant, but also a brewery, with all sort of different beer and meat that’s served in beer sauce. Now, I’m not a big fan, so I just went for some food and a coke, which was okay too, but if you do love beer, this is really a must when visiting Germany.

The German kitchen consists of a lot of meat (and i mean a LOT), potatoes, and beer. I always like to try some local food, so at Vulkan, I had a kartoffelsuppe (potato soup) which was surprisingly not disgusting and as a main course I decided on a schweineschnitzel Jäger Art (pork Schnitzel), which was really good. We have this kind of meat at home too, but the piece of meat I got on my plate was bigger than the plate itself, and there were also a lot of fries. Though it was super delicious and I actually did not want to stop eating, eventually I had to, and I couldn’t finish my plate, unfortunately.

If you’re ever visiting the Eifel, I would very much recommend this restaurant. It was really good, with local foods and lots of beer (if you’re into that). If you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry, Boyfriend tried the vegetarian egg noodles and they were super delicious as well!

We finished our dinner, and set out for Schleiden again, time for a good night sleep and then already our third and last day in Germany.


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