Why I fell in love with Venice

I absolutely fell in love with Venice. The city has been on my bucketlist forever but we decided to go there only a week before we actually did. And it was the most romantic trip. We walked in the rain at night, saw some of Venice’s highlights and took a gondola ride. In this post I’d like to share some more stories and photo’s from this mesmerizing citytrip.

I’m not sure if I can describe why I fell in love with this city. I feel like it just has everything. Though it sometimes rained (which can actually be quite romantic, we all know the scenes in movies where a couple kisses or dances in the rain), it was still warm and I could walk around in a cute dress. The whole setting with the canals and the bridges is the most romantic setting I can think of. And the buildings are just so gorgeous. The city really has a wonderful architecture that is a combination of gothic and the renaissance.

The city of Venice is rich with details. A lot of buildings show images of a lion holding a book. According to the Venetians, the body of apostle St. Mark lies buried in one of the lagoons in Venice. The lion represents him and the book he is holding, is his gospel.

These beautiful details are not uncommon in the streets. Even if you move away from the city highlights, and wander through the narrow alleyways, you’ll still find detail upon detail on simple houses.

An import part of the Venetian culture is of course the carnival. The Carnival is an annual festival that is famous for its masks and costumes. Visiting this carnival is still on my bucketlist and I really hope to enjoy it one day. Anyway, even when it’s not that time of year, you can find hints of this mysterious festival everywhere. There are souvenirs shops that sell the most amazing masks, details on buildings that refer to them and I also saw a restaurant that baked pancakes in the form of masks.

The last thing I want to mention in this fangirling about Venice post, is the food. In my last post, I mentioned our lunch, Cicchetti, which was amazing. But that wasn’t the only meal we had on our trip. We also had the most delicious icecream (I don’t remember where, but does it really matter? Italian icecream is just the best) and for dinner, we went to Osteria Ai Specchieri where I had the best lasagna I had ever had. Garfield would be so jealous. It was amazing, it melted on my tongue and the cheese and the sauce where just divine. I am so happy I kept a business card of this restaurant because it was the most delicious thing ever. If I ever come back to Venice, this is the first place I will visit and I won’t eat for weeks and then I’ll eat all of the lasagna ♥

After dinner, I was the happiest girl on earth and we wandered the city streets ones more, this time illuminated by the stores and the variety of restaurants. We went back to our hotel after we had a wonderful day in this wonderful city.


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