Leeds & the Kitty Cafe

After two amazing days in York, it was time for another city. On our third day, we got up early to take the train from York to Leeds, a small city where we spent a brief time in on our very first day. It was a short day in which we visited the kitty cafe and the Art Gallery.

Boyfriend was invited to present his master thesis at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, which was the reason we visited England in the first place. He wanted to spend the day at the congress, visiting other lectures, while I spent the day discovering Leeds with his mum, who was also there to see his presentation at the end of the day.

We knew there was another Waterstones in Leeds, so this is where we went first, exploring the city on our way towards the bookstore. The atmosphere in Leeds was different than that from York. While York feels like a small city from older times, the city of Leeds combines old and new. There are some old churches we saw, but there’s a lot of newer, higher buildings as well. Especially the shopping market is modern.

My mother-in-law and I visited the Waterstones, since we’re both booklovers. I bought another three books plus one for my boyfriend as a gift for his presentation. We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for wrapping paper.

Of course I had googled Leeds before we went on this trip, trying to find some highlights to the city. I’m sad to say that there weren’t many things that interested me. The only thing I wrote down, apart from the Waterstones, was the Art Gallery, so we decided to go in. The gallery had free entrance, which was nice. I don’t have any pictures, but to be honest, that’s not odd, since I wasn’t all that impressed with the gallery. There was one beautiful statue of Hermes that I liked, but the rest of the pieces were more like chunks of clay.

We wandered the city a bit, still looking for wrapping paper and things to do. It was a nice summer’s day and we weren’t really in a rush. It was nice to explore the city a bit.

But then! Then we came across this adorable kitty cafe! Normally you would have to reserve a seat, but it wasn’t crowded so we could go in. We could only stay for an hour and this place did have an entrance fee, but we were happy to pay it so we could play with some kittens!

So far, Leeds hadn’t been very exciting, but the kittens made up for it! They were all so cute! There was even one teeny tiny kitten that fled to my shoulders and stayed there, because he/she was running away from a little girl that was chasing it. The girl wasn’t happy she couldn’t reach the kitten anymore, but I thought it was super cute that it decided to hide on my shoulders!

After the kitten cafe, we decided to visit a supermarket to get some fruit and icecream so we could have a picnic for lunch. Afterwards, we went to the university to see my boyfriends presentation.

We ended our day in Leeds with dinner at some sort of sports bar. We were all q    uite hungry and not at all picky. I can’t really remember where we went, but the food was okay.

Thanks to the kitty cafe and the weather, we did have a nice day in Leeds. However, I’m not sure I would recommend visiting this city. I’d rather go to York because I loved the atmosphere there, with the older buildings and some of the cities highlights.

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