After we had spent some time in both York and Leeds, it was time for a change of scenery. This day, we would go to Newcastle. I hadn’t planned much to in this city, except from a daytour I really have been dreaming about: a trip to Hogwarts!

Durham castle with lightpost and trees

We woke up early on our final morning in York to be able to catch the train to Newcastle, for another Harry Potter Day. We grabbed some breakfast at the station and ate it on the hour and a half trainride to Newcastle. Traveling by train always makes me tired, but luckily our hotel (on Neville street!) was nearby. Our room wasn’t ready yet, but luckily, we could leave our suitcases at the front desk. Then we decided to not waste any time, so we got on a bus that would take us to Durham, to go visit Durham Castle.

Stone bridge over wide river flanked by trees

Durham Castle is one of the locations where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. I was so excited to go there and I must have taken hundreds of pictures!

Durham Castle was built in 1072. Next to the castle is Durham Cathedral which was built around the same time. It’s this part that was used in the Harry Potter movies and got me all excited, though the rest of the castle is really worth mentioning too, because it was really beautiful.

Durham castle garden, film location for hogwarts

Do you guys recognize it yet?

Excited girl in harry potter ravenclaw uniform in hogwarts film location durham castle hallway

Of course I was wearing my hogwarts uniform!

I really loved visiting this castle. I remember these hallways from the movies I so love and being here, walking around, actually skipping around, it felt like coming home. I know, I’m a huge geek and I’m not even going to apologize for all of this fangirling. It was amazing being here.

The building also has a lot of history, which was printed on signs that were hanging at the walls. It’s nice to learn something about the history of a building when you’re inside, though of course, I was too busy fangirling for a history lesson.

Even if you’re not a big geek like I am, this castle is worth visiting. As I said, it’s full of history and the buildings itself are magnificent. Some of them were in scaffolding, which was too bad, but I can imagine how the place would look in it’s full glory, which would be truly amazing.

durham castle greenery
Be tempted bakery in alice in wonderland theme

After visiting the castle, we thought it was time for lunch. We came across a cute little bakery that was called Be Tempted. It was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, which, believe it or not, is my favourite book. I already was extremely happy, having visited hogwarts, and then we had lunch at this cute little place, inspired by my favourite book and they had my favourite dish as well: tomato soup! It really was a glorious day.

square in durham with church and statue

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