Star Trek rollercoasters and winning Pokémon: A day in Movie Park Germany

A while back, we had dinner at La Cubanita, a Cuban tapas restaurant in our hometown. They had this deal where you could spend a bit more on your diner, in exchange for vouchers you could use to visit a theme park. The park we choose was one I always wanted to go to, but never actually visited: Movie Park Germany!

As the name suggests, the theme park is based on movies. The park had different areas such as The old west with a Walking Dead escape room, Hollywood street set where you could meet people dressed as movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Santa Monica Pier that was based on filmlocations in the US, Streets of New York and Nickland for the little ones, based on television shows that are shown on Nickelodeon.

I loved how elaborate evertyhing was. Every area just breathes the theme, not only the the rides and coasters, but the scenery, stores and music as well. Loved it!

The fun thing about new theme parks is that you never know what you can expect. We decided to wander around a bit and go on a ride if it sounded fun. We started with Van Helsing’s Factory which was described as a dark-ride rollercoaster with scary elements. You guys already know that I’m a scaredy-cat, so the whole ride I was looking out for things jumping out and scaring the crap out of me. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad. The rollercoaster was fast and awesome and it wasn’t all that scary!
Funny thing: when we walked out, I was relieved that it hadn’t been that scary. We were walking towards the exit, when a hatch in the ceiling opened up in front of us and something DID jump out. That really got me! I heard the store clerk laughing at my screams.

I was a bit jumpy by then, but we decided to go on another coaster. We came across the Federation Plaza where Boyfriend got his geek on and wanted to take picture with all the Star Trek decorations. I’m not really a Trekkie but it was adorable how happy all of this made him.
And the rollercoaster, Operation Enterprise was amazing! IT WENT BACKWARDS for a bit. Did not expect that! It was amazing and later on we found ourselves on this coaster again. Coolest ride I’ve ever been on!

After the coasters, we walked around further to view all of the different areas of the park. It was really hot and there were some sprinklers that helped to cool down. We decided to have lunch at Subway, though there was a variety of restaurants, you can have your pick at pizza’s, pastas, asian food and of course the tradition German bratwurst. After lunch, it was time for a dessert (who says you can only have dessert after diner and not after every meal?) and I found this cutesy lama icecream! How adorable (and delicious as well!)

After lunch we decided to visit the other side of the park, namely: Nickland, just to have a look. It was noticably quieter in this area, maybe because most visitors were teens and not a lot of them were children. However, there was this water slide that was based on Dora the explorer where the line was enormous. Since it was so hot, we actually wanted to go there too, but we decided it wasn’t worth the wait.

Another water attraction, though one for children, so it was a quiet one, was Spongebob Splash Bash. We were playing with the water turrets when a parade was coming our way. It was Spongebob, Patrick, the Fairly Odd Parents and some other Nickelodeon toons.

When we got safely away from Spongebob, we had seen enough of Nickland and went back to the more exciting parts of the park. We had seen lots of people with gigantic stuffed animals, like donuts or banana’s, but we also saw people walking around holding enormous Pokémon. And they looked so cute! We found that in the old west area of the park, there were some carnival like games where you could win these. We tried winning some Pokémon by throwing balls into a bucket, but turns out, that was harder than it looked, because the balls bounced back. We didn’t win anything.

Slightly defeated, we walked around to get some slushies and we decided to on the Ferris Wheel, since I never had been on one. Afterwards, Boyfriend was determined to win me a Pokémon, though he felt bad at gambling. But he was certain, so we went back to the Pokemon place. And what d’ye know, he actually did win this time!

I was happy walking around with my new acquired friend and we decided to on the Enterprise rollercoaster again, though I was a tiny bit afraid that someone would steal Bulby the Bulbasaur. All went well though, the rollercoaster was amazing, I got Bulby back when we got off. We visited the Enterprise store to buy Boyfriend a hat (because this whole part of the park made him so excited) and then we decided to call it a day. We didn’t do that many rides, but we had so much fun. It was a lovely day!


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