Highlights of Paris

There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist and stopping for all the highlights when you’re in one of the worlds most famous capitals for the first time, is there? On our first day in Paris, we had seen the Sacre-Coeur, the Opera Garnier and the love wall. For our second day, however, it was time for even more famous highlights!

We started the day with having breakfast in the hostel. We had croissants and jus d’orange. I don’t like orange juice, but our waiter wouldn’t take no for an answer and I ended up with not just one, but two glasses of orange juice… Yay me…

After breakfast we set out to explore the city. We took the métro and saw the bibliothèque national (national library) and place des vosgesThe latter is the oldest square in Paris that was built in 1612. It has beautiful gardens and a palace and it looked amazing.

After walking around a bit we decided to have some tea at Le loir dans la théière. It was a cute little teashop that was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the tea was delicious! I’d really recommend this place!

After tea we decided it was time for the highlights, so we walked along the Seine (no great pictures of this either, not on this trip at least) towards the Notre Dame.

I remember taking this picture. The Notre Dame is so magnificent that I had to cross the entire square just to be able to get it all in one picture. We didn’t go in, for the line was ridiculously long but it was amazing to see the lady in all her glory. It’s so sad that she burnt down earlier this year.

After the Notre Dame we decided on another highlight that’s really close, namely: Paris’ most famous bookstore!

By now you guys have figured I’m a booknerd, haven’t you? Of course I had to visit Shakespeare & Company, an English bookstore that’s featured in all sorts of ‘most beautiful bookstores in the world’ lists. The independent bookstore was found in 1951 and has a rich history. For booklovers, it’s a must-visit when visiting Paris.

After spending some time in the store and then relaxing a bit at the Seine (and reading a bit, because of course we bought books here), we decided to take the métro again for the ultimate Paris highlight.

I had no idea the Eiffel Tower was só big! I couldn’t even fit it in one picture. But it’s so grand and pretty. It’s really crowded though. I would have loved to go up, but just as with the Notre Dame, the line was way too long so we decided to skip it. We did take a lot of pictures though and I bought a miniature Eiffel Tower to take home with me 🙂

It was an amazing day. Paris is such a lovely city and I can’t wait to go back there again!


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