Panthéon, Jardin du Luxembourg & The Louvre

Oh you guys I love this city. I love speaking French and people actually understanding me and I them. It’s amazing and there is so much to do and see! Time for an overview of our third day in Paris!

So, we started by having breakfast at the hostel again. This time baguettes (and no orange juice, because I had enough of that the day before). It’s so funny, I actually saw people walking around with baguettes under their arms!

We started this day by visiting the Pantheon. It’s in the Latin Quarter of Paris and I simply loved the architecture there. I could not stop taking pictures of the surrounding buildings. The Pantheon itself is a church that was built in 1765. A lot of famous authors are buried in the crypt underneath, like Zola, Hugo, Dumas and Rousseau. The building was beautiful and it was nice paying our respects to these famous authors.

After visiting the Panthéon we walked further towards Jardin du Luxembourg and the Palais du Luxembourg, the Luxembourg palace and gardens, which were absolutely stunning. We spend some time relaxing in the gardens, enjoying the sun and it was lovely. I also took a lot of pictures.

These gardens are a lovely, more quiet part of such a bustling city. You can hear the birds sing, relax a bit in the sun. There were children playing with little boats in the fountains and it was all so peaceful.

After some relaxation time, we decided to take the métro to the Arc de Triomphe. We could see it in the distance but by this time, our feet were complaining so we decided to take the subway. But we got of too early, ending up at the grand and petit palais.

These two palaces were in front of each other. Since there was a big line in front of the grand palais, our decision to go the petit palais was easily made. And it wasn’t even that petite, in my opinion, it was quite big.

It was a beautiful palace filled with artwork; paintings and sculptures and we spent quite some time here enjoying the art. There was also a restaurant, where we had lunch.

Then we went further on our way to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées where we walked around a bit more. It was impressive to see all these designer stores and fancy cars.

We got back to Montmarte by métro and got some macarons from a little bakery that was in the same street as our hostel. Such a delicious snack!

I want to include our last day of Paris also in this post. On our last day, we went to visit the Louvre, which was amazing. We took the metro into an underground shopping centre that had a ‘secret’ entrance to the Louvre. While the visitors at the main entrance had to wait an hour or more to go in, we only had to wait ten minutes. And we got in for free because we were students! Score!

I don’t like taking pictures inside museums so I only have this picture of the famous pyramid. But we did have a great time. We saw the Mona Lisa, which is a little overrated, if you ask me. It’s a nice painting, but it’s so small! I was more impressed by other, less famous artwork. There’s so much to see in this museum, I’d really love to go back one day!

And that was our last day. I had such an amazing time in this gorgeous city. I could say I would recommend going to Paris, but that’s kindof obvious. But there really is so much to see and to do (and to eat!) in this lovely city, you simply can’t miss it.


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