A trip to little Venice

A while back, I discovered a little town called Giethoorn, also known as Little Venice or Dutch Venice. I never heard of it, but when I saw some pictures, I was sold. The place looked mesmerizing and I really wanted to go there. And just last month, we finally did!

Giethoorn, or Little Venice is a little town in Overrijssel, Netherlands. It’s surrounded by canals and the scenery is lush and green. There are lots of cute little bridges and restaurants and you can rent a boat to travel in style on the waterways.

Canal Grande of Giethoorn?

We just walked around for a bit, taking in the scenery. It was such a cute little town!
Giethoorn is a lovely image of the Dutch countryside. It’s about two hours from Amsterdam by local transport and a great place to spend a Sunny afternoon!

I found the place very lovely. It was green, there were flowers everywhere and the canals and the boats made it all very idyllic. You can choose to walk a bit, as we did,  but you can also rent a boat or a bike.

There are different kind of restaurants and shops. You can also choose to visit a museum, for example Het Olde Maat Uus, a typical Giethoorn farmhouse from a century ago.

We didn’t stay too long, but we did have a great time. Giethoorn is such a cute little place, and I would really recommend it if you’re visiting The Netherlands and want to see a different side of the country than just Amsterdam.


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