Must-Visit: Plaza d’Espana

In a corner of the Maria Luisa Park, we found the Plaza d’Espana, which was also high on my list of things to see in Seville. This plaza has everything you can wish for. An awesome palace, gorgeous bridges over a canal, and an amazing fountain. The place is super romantic and rich with details that are begging to be seen.

The Plaza d’Espana was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American exposition, along with lots of other buildings around the city. You can visit it for free and easily spend another couple of hours here. Explore the little details in the floors, ceilings, and tiles on the walls. You can rent a boat so you can row along the canals, or just enjoy the music and flamenco that also takes place in this plaza.

Flamenco is a musical tradition in Andalusia, the southern parts of Spain. It is considered an artform and a must-see when visiting Seville. When we were booking this trip, I saw all sorts of flamenco shows you could but tickets for, some with tours through the city, others with dinner. But all of this seemed very touristic so we decided against it. But, good news! If you want to see a flamenco show, you don’t necessarily need to book one, cause all over the city you can find flamenco shows. On the streets or in places like the Plaza d’Espana.

I really loved walking around here. It is all so beautiful, with lots of different architectural styles mixed. It’s more crowded than the Maria Luisa Park, but it wasn’t too crowded to have a good time.

We walked around a bit, taking in all the details. I can’t get over how beautiful everything was and how every single element of the plaza had been decorated beautifully. This is iconic for Seville; along our trip, I spotted so many beautiful buildings that were overflowing with details.

After spending a significant amount of time in the park and this plaza, it was getting too warm and we really wanted to go back to our hotel for siësta. Around two pm in the summer, it gets too hot to do anything, so the city shuts down. A lot of stores and restaurants close and people go inside to have a bit of rest. A tradition I gladly took part in. We went back to our hotel, our room was finally ready, and napped and relaxed a bit. When we got up again, the city was still quiet but boyfriend was super hungry so we decided to look for dinner.

We didn’t spend that much time looking for a restaurant,  because he was so hungry. We ended up at Mateos, where we had a cheap, decent three course dinner. The food was okay but I loved the ambience in the little restaurant. And the Sangria was to die for!

After dinner we wandered the city a little bit and then decided the weather was perfect for a swim. So we swam a few laps in the hotel pool before putting an end to our first day in Spain.


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