Wandering through Seville

When traveling to a new city I’ve never been to, I usally make a list of a couple of things I want to see. But instead of checking off items on a list, I’d rather get the feel of a city. So for our second day in Seville, we decided to just wander around a bit, taking in the scenery.

After having breakfast at the hotel, we set off to the Jardins du Murillo where we heard those lovely birds again. We kept looking up to see where they were (which was super funny because we saw other people doing the same, to see what we were looking at). We found that a few of them were chilling on this statue.

That was my first goal to achieve for today: find the parrots!

After walking through these gardens a bit, we went to the university. It’s located in a super pretty, 18th century building that used to be a tobacco factory. I loved the architecture and it was interesting because there were all these statues of people that were smoking, which is something you don’t see too often. Also, ironically, there were ‘don’t smoke’ signs at the entrance of the building. We went inside, trying to find the library and admired the building from the inside.

We walked around the area some more, taking in how beautiful this city really is. I love how all of these styles are combined perfectly and how every building is so rich with details and colour.

After admiring these buildings we walked over to the riverside, where we found the Torre del Oro which is supposedly golden when the sun shines over it. Personally, I liked the other buildings better. We walked along the river for a bit and then the smell of churros filled our nose. It smelled delicious! So we set out to find them.

We found a little kiosk along the riverside that was selling churros and slushies, which felt like the perfect lunch on such a hot day. We ate our churros and took our drinks to the grass along the river to rest a bit, enjoy the sun and see what else we wanted to do today.


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