Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia

DSC07601Normally, when we’re booking a trip, the hotel is just a place to sleep, and location and price are the most important things to look at. For Seville, we did things a little differently and decided on an amazing hotel called Las Casas de la Juderia. A hotel in and a series of old Jewish buildings with lovely corridors and patios. It was an amazing place to stay at, so it deserves a little post.

DSC07598The rooms are very old-fashioned, but nice enough, with comfortable beds (though I wasn’t too happy with two seperate beds) and a couch you could just sink in. I’ll have to admit that our room wasn’t super clean, but in the reviews of the hotel, I couldn’t find any other complaints about that, so maybe it was our own fault, who knows.

DSC07602The architecture of the building was beautiful, again in the mudejar style that you see at many locations through the city. The hotel was a maze of little corridors and patios filled with plants and fountains, where you could easily spend a couple of hours reading or relaxing during the siësta.

20190909_203426When traveling to Spain in summer, having a hotel with a swimming pool is an absolute must. Our hotel had a rooftop pool that was a bit tiny, which was unfortunate during the siësta hours, but big enough in the evenings when you want to go for a little swim.

20190913_100612Lastly, the breakfast buffet was really good with all the things you’d need for a good start of your day.

I really liked this hotel. It had some downsides, like that our room wasn’t very clean and the pool was tiny, but I really liked the ambience. It’s a unique hotel that I was glad to stay in.

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