The last palace of Seville

For our last day in Seville, we wanted to visit the Alcazar. But we hadn’t bought tickets beforehand (though everyone had recommended it) and the line was ridiculous. We decided against it, and moved on to another palace. We made our way north, seeing parts of the city we hadn’t seen before. We stopped to buy a fan, which is a traditional souvenir that’s now hanging on our wall, next to a mask we bought in Venice.

We came across some churches we hadn’t seen before, and the Metropol Parasol, a sculpture that claims to be the largest wooden sculpture in the world. It was built in 2011 and remains one of Seville’s highlights, though it’s a bit overrated, if you ask me.

Palacio de las Duenas

Instead of visiting the Real Alcazar, we choose to go to Palacio de las Duenas. There was no line here, so we bought our tickets and went in. We started off in the palace gardens, which were quiet and peaceful. Only a handful other people were inside, and we could hear the birds. We took some pictures, enjoyed the sun and just generally relaxed in the lush gardens.

We had some fun taking pictures here. The palace gardens had all these little corridors and a patio in the middle. I was sitting on the left bench when boyfriend decided to take a panorama picture. He started at the left side of the picture and when I was on it, I stood up and run along some of the corridors, so I could sit down on the right side of the patio before the camera was there. It was hilarious 🙂

After walking through the gardens for a bit, we came into the palace. It was really gorgeous, again with the mudejar elements we had seen at other palaces. It was still lush and green and there were colorful flowers everywhere.

There was so much to see! Lots of beautiful flowerspots, statues and tapestries, all with the yellow walls in the back, that gave everything a very warm feeling.

There were lots of rooms we could peek into in this palace, which I really loved. We had seen a lot of gorgeous palaces but it’s the insides that tell the story, which makes them unique, for you can see how people lived there, back in the day. Their was a sitting room, a library and a chapel. The rooms were full with paintings, tapestries and trinkets and they gave a totally different vibe than the outside of the palace we had already seen.

Most rooms were just… too much, if you ask me, but I loved this one! I could totally see myself getting cozy on that couch, with a good book and a cat on my lap.

It was a lovely place to spend some time. I think it’s a good alternative to Real Alcazar, though I can’t be too sure, since we hadn’t actually been inside. But it was so quiet around here, and you could just take your time walking around and seeing things, whereas the Alcazar must have been super crowded, since there was such a line in front.

We had such a lovely time in this city. I haven’t seen any other cities in Spain yet, but I will definitely be back in Seville. It’s all so romantic and beautifully decorated and I absolutely loved it.


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