Walking in a fairytale in Fisherman’s Bastion

Our last full day in Budapest was indeed a full one. My feet were blistered after a 20 kilometer walk, but it was absolutely worth it! So far our highlights had been Buda castle and the Széchenyi spa, but today we would add another amazing highlight to that list, namely the Fisherman’s Bastion!

We started the day with a long walk through the city. We saw lots of great architectural styles that combined the styles of new buildings and old ones, which makes the city diverse and beautiful. We came across the Nyugati pályaudvar, one out of many train stations in Budapest and one of the prettiest ones.

Budapest, city of bridges! Time to cross another one, namely the Margaret Bridge, a pretty yellow bridge that was a popular spot for pictures amongst our group. After taking said pictures, our  group divided in two, since some of us were getting tired and wanted to take a train rather than walk. I decided to keep on walking with a few other people. I love walking and exploring new cities. If you take a train, you only get to see the train stations and where’s the fun in that?

We walked further, stopped for some icecream and met with our slighly agitated group an hour later. They had to wait quite some time before we arrived, since the train was o fcourse a lot faster than we were.

Anyway, the Szemlö-hegyi-barlang caves made up for it. It was my first time seeing caves (had I mentioned I was very, very unexperienced in travel back then?) but I really liked them. It’s amazing what nature can do. We had booked a tour and while we walked around, our guide yapped about the things he could see in stone, like lasagna, cauliflower and christmas trees…
He also showed us a really tiny pathway. The first explorers of the cave couldn’t fit through, so they had to get one of their girlfriends to make the passageway and explore. Funnily enough, they had a replica of this passageway in the cave museums and of course I had to try if I fit through. And I did! Yay, tiny me!

After the caves the group split again. I’m not sure where the rest went, but we decided to get lunch from the local supermarket again and then set out to Fisherman’s Bastion. We came across the famous parliament building (the picture on the right) but didn’t actually go there. Maybe for a next visit to Budapest?

It’s ridiculous how gorgeous this city is, expecially on a sunny day! We could see so many amazing buildings by just walking from one place to another, like the Felso Vizivaros St. Anne Church you see here.

But the most beautiful building of the entire city must be the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was so gorgeous! I had never seen anything like this and could not stop taking pictures. I even bought the most touristic souvenir you can think of, namely a snowglobe of this building. I still have it and I’m still really happy with it!

The fisherman’s bastion is like a fairytale and you just can’t get enough of it. We saw a couple taking wedding pictures and I agree that this is the perfect place for that!

You can spend hours here, just exploring, seeing all the details, visiting the Mátýas-Templom (the Matthias Church) or go to the café. It was quite crowded when we went, and when I go back one day, I plan to go earlier in the morning, hoping to avoid the crowds.

Make sure to not miss the view the Fisherman’s bastion has to offer. You can see the entire city from up here!

I took so many pictures! After spending a couple of hours in this fairytale, we looked for a little shop that was mentioned in my travel guide to get something to drink.

As literature students, we always tried to find the best bookstores on the study trips. When I saw in my travel guide there was a place that combined bookstore and teashop, we just knew we had to go there. We bought some books (ofcourse!) and drank some tea. It was a fun little place, perfect for bookwurms like us!

I absolutely fell in love with this city. The architecture, the gorgeous highlights, the cheap food. We went to a fancy little restaurant this day which was not pricey at all, but the food was delicious.

And that was already our last day in Budapest! I can’t wait to go back there again, to take boyfriend with me to the romantic Fisherman’s Bastion, to take some better pictures and to just walk these streets again. I’m sure there are lots of things we missed on this trip, but we did have an amazing time and it was a great way to get to know another city ♥


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