Christmas World

I mentioned already that you guys could expect lots of Christmas posts, didn’t I? Just last week we visited the Christmas World in Duiven, Netherlands (fun fact, duiven is also the dutch word for pigeons, but I’m fairly certain it isn’t related to the city). It’s an indoor Christmas market, located in one of the biggest Intratuin shops in the country, but it’s also the biggest miniature christmas village in Europe. And, its quite close to our home, so we just had to visit!

We started by having hot cocoa and broodje unox for lunch, which is a ridiculously good Dutch hot dog brand and a very good lunch on a cold day.

The store is huge, filled with christmas trees, lights and decorations. It can be quite crowded so make sure to visit early in the day.

As I said, the Christmas World is the biggest miniature christmas village in Europe and it really is huge. More than 800 m2 filled with tiny houses and miniatures. It’s amazing and you can easily spend a few hours here and even then you won’t be able to see everything there is to see.

I couldn’t even describe all the things I saw. There’s just so much! Houses and children playing, there was a halloween parlour, a ski resort complete with moving cable cars, the entire Efteling… So much to see and you can also buy little houses and decorations for your own home.

The Christmas World is more than the tiny houses. Don’t skip the escalator to the second floor, which is absolutely lovely. It’s a christmas fairytale, complete with furry friends and lovely music. When you get to the second floor, more Christmas stuff awaits you, and here you can shop some more decorations.

It’s so much fun every single year and definitely worth a visit if you’re nearby!


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