Christmas in Dusseldorf

For the longest time, people have been telling me to visit one of the big Christmas Markets in Germany. So we did! We had decided on the market in Cologne, but then decided that it would probably be more fun to visit Dusseldorf, since we hadn’t been there before and it was closer to our home.

We drove there and had to wait a bit for a parking space, because it was really crowded. We arrived at three pm or so and strolled through the streets that were filled with these little market stands in winter theme, with christmas lights and all. They were so cute! They sold food and drinks like Glühwein, beer and hot chocolate, pretzels, gingerbread hearts and of course bradwurst, which is a must eat when visiting Germany.

Though it was raining thoroughly, we had a blast. We visited some stores for the last of our christmas gifts, and wandered along the markets that sold little trinkets, candles and cookie cutters.

After a while, the sun was setting and the city turned absolutely magical, with fairylights everywhere and the rainpuddles that reflected them.

I must say, I’m not a big fan of crowds and in the days just before Christmas, these markets get really crowded, so I panicked a bit. But this beautiful setting made up for a whole lot and I’m glad we went, though maybe next time, I want to visit a little earlier in the month of December than right before the holidays.


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