2020 Plans

Hi there, lovelies! 2020 has started and we’re already halfway the first month. Time flies! I had some great adventure in 2019 and hopefully, 2020 will be just as awesome. I’ve some great plans already!

Trips of 2020

We’re gonna kick of the new year by a three day weekend, on my birthday, to Disneyland Paris! I’ve been there a couple of times before, but I’ve never stayed in a Disney hotel nor have I ever been to Disney Studio’s. This time, we’re gonna do all that. We’re staying in Davey Crockett Ranch, will have dinner at Rainforest Café, Plaza Gardens and Chez Remy and will have lots and lots of fun. I can’t wait to wake up, on my birthday, in Disneyland ♥

Next are we planning a trip to Iceland. I’m thinking ten day roadtrip, but there are so many great things to do there that it will be hard to only fit them in ten days. Chilling in the Blue Lagoon, hiking towards volcanoes, horseriding, whalewatching and puffin spotting. It’s gonna be amazing!

So that’s all we have planned for now, but I really do want to go back to Nice this year, so maybe I will be going with a friend or I will do my first solo trip, which sounds exciting and scary at the same time…

Lastly, of course I do want to do some more daytrips, like we did in 2019, though I haven’t decided yet where to. I still want to visit the bookstore in Maastricht, go to a cheese museum and I have a few things I wanna do in Amsterdam as well. Maybe we’ll visit Brussel or Lille. Who knows what this year has in store?

Blog ideas

I have a few more trips I want to blog about, and of course the trips mentioned above will appear online in due time. I want to do more with this blog and travel more, and I’ve decided on a fun new category, namely: The traveling bookwurm. Because I love reading, I wanted to integrate that in this blog too. When I’m planning a new trip, I’m always looking for books about that specific area. For instance, I’m now looking at fun books that are set in Iceland or written by Icelandic authors. I got a big pile of reservations from the library heading my way as we speak! I thought maybe it would be fun to mention these books in posts about the places I visit. I’m not gonna write reviews, but maybe some book recommendations. Besides that, I also want to write about the lovely bookstores I visit.
Let me know what you guys think about this idea!


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