Celebrating my birthday in Disneyland, part two

Happy Birthday to me! Waking up in Disneyland was a dream come true. Is there a better place to spend your birthday?

The breakfast that was included in our arrangement was disappointing, so we set out for a better one in the Disneyland park. How’s this little Olaf cupcake for a birthday breakfast? It was absolutely delicious!

Next up was buying some new headgear. I wanted to wear a different thing on my head every day. I wore the classic Minnie Mouse ears on day one and I needed something fun for my birthday, so I found this adorable Marie beenie (with movable ears!) that was way too expensive but super soft and cute so I just had to buy it…

On our first day there, we had explored Fantasy Land (my favourite!), Main Street USA and Adventure Land and today we started in Frontierland. Our arrangement included extra magic time which means you’re allowed inside the parks an hour and a half before opening time, which means it’s way less crowded and the waiting lines aren’t that long. So we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain which is one of our favourite rollercoasters. It’s fast and fun and seems to be endless!

The rest of Frontierland wasn’t that interesting to me, so we headed back to Adventureland for the Aladdin attraction, which was a passageway gallery with figurines depicting scenes from the film, which was lovely!

You can’t really leave Disneyland without having some pictures taken with Disney figures, so we stood in line to take a picture with Chip & Dale (Tic & Tac in French and my personal favourite, in my own language: Knabbel & Babbel)

Then I convinced Boyfriend to head back to Fantasy Land for the Mad Hatter’s teacups, before having lunch at the Bella Notte restaurant and after sharing spaghetti with meatballs, we wanted to wander around the last area of the park: Discovery Land.

Time for another rollercoaster! We decided on Hyperspace mountain because boyfriend loves Star Wars and I never say no to rollercoasters. We stood in line for an hour or so but it was worth it. It’s such a cool coaster and it goes so fast!

After Hyperspace Mountain we wandered around for a bit, enjoying the sun that came out and then explored Les Mystères du Nautilus, a submarine inspired on Jules Verne 20.000 leages under the sea.

We wanted to see the big parade which would start in an hour or so, so we headed towards Fantasy Land again. We came across La tanière du dragon, which is the dragon underneath the pink castle (the one that was closed on friday) so we decided to pop in for a second, before finding a place to sit to see the parade.

I’ve never seen the big parades before, so I was excited for this Disney Stars on Parade. We had a good spot near the start. It was really cool, with all sorts of Disney characters dancing and different floats that depicted different films, like Aladdin, Frozen, Tangled, Toy Story, Peter Pan and Finding Nemo. They were all beautiful and I’m glad I finally got to see them!

After the parade, we had another hour until our dinner reservations, so we decided to do one more ride in this park. Disneyland park has a few fairy tale rides for the smaller children, rides that depict scenes from popular Disney films. So we went on the Pinocchio ride. The line was long and the ride went really fast, as if they sped it up somehow, which really was too bad…

After this we had dinner at Plaza Gardens and then we waited for the lightshow that would be the highlight of the day. We wandered around the shops in Main Street a little bit more, buying some souvenirs before heading over to the main area to wait for the lightshow.

The first two times I visited Disneyland, we left early so I’ve never seen a show quite like Disney Illuminations. We waited for about an hour in the rain but it was so worth it. Parts of Disney films were projected onto the Sleeping Beauty Castle, complete with songs, lights and fireworks. It was amazing! A great ending of a great day!


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