Dinner in Disneyland

Visiting Disneyland Paris for three days means eating in (at least) three different restaurants. There’s a lot of restaurants to chose from, but we planned ahead and choose some of the most amazing restaurants, namely Rainforest Cafe, Plaza Gardens, Bella Notte and the best one: Chez Remy!

Disneyland Paris has a few different types of restaurants. There’s the all you can eat buffets, dinnershows, à la carte restaurants and counterservice. For the variety, we choose to have a buffet once, à la carte twice and once a counterservice for lunch. On the Disneyland website you can find the entire list of restaurants, including their themes, locations and price ranges.

Our arrangement included half pension dinner options on our magic passes, which meant that about five of the restaurants were all in. For the other ones, except those in Disney Village, we just had to pay the difference. We were really happy about this, because the restaurants in Disney can be really pricey if you want something more luxurious than the MacDonalds…

Rainforest Cafe

The first day we decided to have dinner in Rainforest Café, because boyfriend had been there before and was very excited to go there again.

Rainforest Café is an à la carte restaurant in Disney Village. It’s mid-price range and, unfortunately for us, not included in de magic pass, which means you have to pay in full. We found out the hard way, after having dinner there…

But the restaurant and the dinner itself were amazing. It’s called rainforest café for a reason, since it looks like you’re having dinner in the middle of the rainforest, complete with animated exotic birds, butterflies and elephants that moved and trumpeted.

If you decide to have dinner here, you have got to try the Awesome Appetizer Adventure because it was absolutely delicious. A plate of different appetizers for those like me who can’t choose what they want. And they are all super yummy!

The (virgin) cocktails were also really good and though our main course (I had steak and boyfriend had the chicken curry) wasn’t as amazing as the appetizer, it was still really good.

Bella Notte

On the second day we chose to have lunch at Bella Notte, a restaurant inspired by Lady and the Tramp, where we shared a plate of spaghetti and meatballs (because, well, duh). The restaurant itself was lovely and in style, but it was crowded and it was more of a fastfood kinda place (with plastic cutlery and the food in takeaway containers) and that was too bad, because it clashed with the romantic atmosphere of the place. The food was good though.

Plaza Gardens

We wanted to have at least one buffet and we opted for Plaza Gardens Restaurant. This one was included in our magic passes, so we didn’t have to pay a dime. Yay!

The restaurant was calm and luxurious, It wasn’t too crowded and though I would have liked a little bit more of a choice in different dishes, the food was good and you could really take your time.

Chez Remy

The last restaurant we went to was the absolute best and one I had been looking forward to it ever since we reserved our table two months in advance: Chez Remy. Based on the Ratatouille film, it’s like you’re a small mouse inside a world of gigantic stuff, with chairs made out of wine corks, huge paper umbrealla’s and gigantic plates to separate the tables. It all looked amazing.

And the food was to die for. I had the seasonal soup as an appetizer and ratatouille with cod and mashed potatoes for a main course. It was so good! I never had ratatouille before, but you can’t really order something else in this restaurant, now, could you? And I never liked mashed potatoes but these were really good. Even thinking about it makes my stomach growl!

Chez Remy is one of the most expensive restaurants in the park and it’s located in Walt Disney Studios. It was not included in our magic passes, but we just had to pay the difference, which was about 15 euros total. So really, not all that much. I really loved this restaurant and can’t wait to go back here the next time we visit Disneyland!


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