Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch

When we were booking my birthday weekend in Disneyland, and decided we wanted to go for three days, of course we had to think about where we wanted to stay. Now, Disneyland Paris has some great options for hotels and we hadn’t tried any of them yet. After comparing prices and themes, we settled on Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

The Davy Crockett Ranch has these cute little wooden cabins in the middle of a forest. There wasn’t a pendle bus, but you could take your own car and park it right next to the cabin. We also had free parking in Disneyland itself, which was a huge bonus.

The cabin itself was small, but cute, with little hints of Disney in the details. There was one double bed, three single beds, a couch and a table with four chairs. We also had a kitchen that included a microwave, a boiler, a coffeemaker and a toaster. And of course a fridge and a dishwasher. When I woke up on my birhday on saturday, boyfriend had decorated the place with garlands and balloons! Isn’t he the best?

The location of the cabins was perfect, it was only a five minute drive from Disneyland. The cabins itself were cosy and warm and it was a lovely thing to be staying in a forest. The only thing I was really bummed about, was the breakfast.

Other hotels had breakfast buffets but Davy Crockett has a take out breakfast that you could enjoy in your own cabin. Which was fine by us, if it would have been any good. The only things we got was, per person: one croissant, one bun, one bag of tea and one bag of sugar, some jam, some nutella, a package of milk and a package of apple juice. That was it. Honestly, I would have expected a little more from a Disney breakfast.

There is a little store on the ranch, that sells eggs and cheese and other products to have a better breakfast, so we bought some for our second morning there. But really, this was such a disappointment.

There was nothing in the cabin either. We had pans to cook the eggs, but there wasn’t any salt, or oil. No coffee or tea we could enjoy in the evenings. We wanted to do the dishes before we left, but there wasn’t any detergent either, so we couldn’t even. The only thing the cabin did provide, was shampoo and soap. I gotta say, these were adorable, but I still think they could have provided us with a little more.

Concluded, I loved the location and the cabin of the Davy Crockett Ranch, but the breakfast was a joke. So here’s a tip: If you decide to stay at Davy Crockett’s, bring your own supplies or plan to have breakfast in the parks.


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