Walt Disney Studios

When visiting Disneyland Paris, you can choose between two theme parks. The main park is Disneyland Park and right next to it is Walt Disney Studios. Studios is a lot smaller, but it has its own charm and amazing rides. After spending two days in the main park, it was time to visit this one, for I had never been there before.

Walt Disney Studios is smaller than the main park and it’s opening times are slightly different. There aren’t that many rides or rollercoaster, but there are shows, which is something the main park doesn’t have. There are two or three theaters with shows based on various films, like Frozen or Lilo and Stitch.

We wanted to start our day with a show. A friend of mine recommended Mickey and the Magician and luckily for us, it was in theaters again from this weekend until september. Yay! So we stood in line early and when it was time, went in for the show. And it was really good. It was in both French and English but easily understandable. The story is about Mickey who wants to be a magician. He is supposed to clean a magician’s attic, but when he does, he finds all sorts of magical object that come to life and bring magic creatures from different Disney films to the stage. There was song and dance and the show was really cool, with some magic tricks here and there. If you want to see a show in Disney Studios, this one I’ll really recommend. It will be in theaters until september.

The theater was next to Crush’s Coasters. We stood in line for quite some time, for this park has maybe three cool rides, so the lines are a lot longer than they were in Disneyland Park on the previous days. The prices for the parks are the same, which is why we never visited this one before, but visiting three days with access to both parks gave us a great opportunity to actually visit Studios too.

Anyway, this coaster was the coolest one yet. It spins and goes really fast. I loved it and actually wanted to go in again, but the line was so long, so we decided to move over to another part of the park.

We walked around the Toy Story area a bit, but it had no rides that we wanted to go on. Still, it looked cool and there was a gigantic Buzz Lightyear to take pictures with.

Right next to it there was a french area with lots of little stands where you could buy some food. None of it sounded really good to me though (you could actually get some snails to eat here, yuck!). We eventually found some chicken nuggets at a fast food restaurant, before heading back towards this French Area for the Ratatouille ride.

This one was also really cool. They handed us 3D glasses and the entire ride was one interactive (short) film where we were following Remy. I’ve never been in a ride like this and it was really something!

After that, we had some time left before our dinner reservations, so we hit the stores, where boyfriend got me this cutesy little Stitch Phone Holder for my birthday!

Then, after getting some hot cocoa that tasted like bananas, we heard the Imperial March and headed over to Production Courtyard, for a Star Wars Show was about to begin.

Some Storm Troopers marched and then there was this show. I think it was the First Order March. But I don’t really (or rather, really don’t) care about Star Wars so I didn’t pay attention. Though boyfriend really liked it.

After the Storm Trooper Show we headed over towards Chez Remy for an amazing dinner, which would be the end of my Disneyland Birthday Weekend (besides the six-hour drive home).

I had an amazing time. It’s so much fun to stay in Disneyland, wake up there on your birthday, have dinner in amazing restaurants and actually have time to do all the rides and rollercoasters you want to. I loved it. When can I go back?


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