First Day in Prague: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Golden Lane

Every year in university, our student’s association organised a trip abroad. We had been to Lisbon and Budapest already, and in our third year we visited Prague. It’s such a beautiful city with lots of history. On our first day there, we wandered around the city, leaving the old town for another day and focusing on the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and The Golden Lane.

This trip was a couple of years ago, way before I started this travel blog, so I don’t completely remember everything from it, but I wanted to show you guys the highlights of this beautiful city.

We made our way through the city towards the Charles Bridge, which is one of the most famous parts of Prague. The bridge was built in 1357 connecting the Old Town and Malá Strana, an old part of town that we would discover this day. On it, you can find beautiful statues, musicians, market stands and artists.

Our next highlight was Prague Castle which is one of the biggest palaces in the entire world. You can spend hours walking around here. Make sure to stop for a second and admire the view.

One particular interesting street in Prague Castle is Golden Lane. It’s a cute street with tiny houses that were built in the 17th century and it’s said that the inhabitants were goldsmiths. One thing’s for sure: Franz Kafka lived in one of these houses, the one on number 22.

Nowadays, the houses are filled with souvenir shops and there’s an armoury museum that shows interesting pieces of armour from the 14th century. It’s not something I’m usually interested in, but it was really cool. It’s definitely worth a visit. The Golden Lane and the armoury museum have free entrance if you’ve bought a ticket to visit Prague Castle.


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