One Year Blogiversary Quiz!

I know it’s a cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun. It’s already been a year since I started this travel blog and I have learned so much. I’m miles from where I want this blog to be, but I can see my number of followers growing every day and I’m loving every second I spend working on it!

I was thinking of a fun way to celebrate my first blogiversary. Something about my recents posts, about me, a giveaway… But then I took this Buzzfeed quiz to see which Mamma Mia Character I was (I am Rosie, by the way) and I had it! A quiz! Because quizzes are fun!
So: Enjoy, and also, thank you guys so much for your likes, comments and general following. I love it that you’re on this journey with me!

The rules: each answer has one or more letters behind it. Simply note how many times you pick each letter and discover which one of my favourite destinations would be your perfect citytrip!

What would be your perfect city trip?

1. What kind of weather would you prefer?

1. Sun! Summer! Ice cream! (A, B)
2. It shouldn’t be too hot to do anything (C, D, E, F, G, H)

2. What activity would you like to do most?

1. Visit museums (C, D, F, H)
2. Eating ice cream (A, B)
3. Looking at beautiful architecture (A, F, H)
4. Cross off some obvious bucketlist goals (B, H)
5. Cycling (C)
6. Shopping (F, H)
7. Walking around in an old city (D, E, G)

3. What would you like to eat/drink?

1. Churros (A)
2. Beer (D, E)
3. Trudlnik (D)
4. Cicchetti (B)
5. Waffles (G)
6. Kroketten (C)
7. Fish & chips (F)
8. Macaroons (H)

4. What kind of citytrip would you prefer?

1. Romantic getaway (B, H)
2. A calm city where I don’t have to do too much (D, G)
3. A combination of citytrip and nature (E)
4. A bustling city filled with highlights (B, C, F, H)
5. A calm city where nobody would frown upon it if I would take a nap mid-day (A)

7. What book would you bring in your suitcase?

1. Jessie Burton – The Miniaturist (C)
2. Lainie Taylor – Daughter of smoke and bone (D)
3. A.G. Howard – Roseblood (H)
4. Carlo Collodi – The adventures of Pinnocchio (B)
5. Alan Hollinghurst – The folding star (G)
6. Franz Kafka – The Trial (D)
7. Charles Dickens – Oliver Twist (F)
8. Anne Frank – Diary of a young girl (C)
9. Carlos Ruiz Zafon – Shadow of the Wind (A)
10. Lewis Carroll – Alice’s adventures in Wonderland (F)
11. James Joyce – Dubliners (E)
12. Guillermo del Toro – Pan’s labyrinth (A)

8. What would you like for breakfast?

1. Bread with butter and hagelslag (C, G)
2. Full English breakfast (E, F)
3. Croissants (H)
4. Gazpaccio (A)
5. Something else. Who has gazpaccio for breakfast?! (B, D)

9. What do you want to do at night?

1. Visit the opera (D)
2. Visit the theatre (C, F, H)
3. Dance the night away! (C, F)
4. Enjoy tapas and a show (A)
5. Take a romantic stroll (B, E, H)
6. Read a book in my hotel room (G)

10. What souvenir do you want to bring home?

1. Something sweet (G, H)
2. A cool mask (A)
3. Beer! (D, E)
4. A fan (A)
5. Cheese (C)
6. Books (E, F)
7. Something shiny made from Murano glass (B)


A. Sevilla

You’re perfect citytrip would be to Sevilla! Time for sun and summer, icecreams and lazy afternoon siësta’s. But also great food, lots of culture and amazing architecture! Make sure to stop at Parque Maria Luisa to just enjoy the sun and the beautiful nature all around you.

B. Venice

If you ask me, there’s no city on this planet that’s more romantic than Venice. And that’s where you should go to, according to your answers! Lovely summer weather, amazing food. The city is just so cute and romantic with all the little channels and bridges. And now you can finally cross off the gondola ride from your bucketlist!

C. Amsterdam

You’re perfect destination is… Amsterdam! You will enjoy its lovely channels and quaint houses. Visit some of Amsterdam’s best museums (like the Moco Museum, for instance), try some kroketten and stroopwaffles and if you dare, rent a bicycle and cycle the city like a local!

D. Prague

You should visit Prague! A beautiful old city filled with history. Have some trudelnik (you’ll love it, I promise) and enjoy the beautiful architecture and museums of this city. Also, I hear Prague has great beer…

E. Dublin

Time to visit Dublin! It’s underrated, for sure. I loved Dublin. It has some great architecture and museums, but mostly it’s just a lovely town that’s not too big and people are super friendly. And if you’ve seen enough of the city, beautiful Glendalough is just around the corner. Perfect for a citytrip and nature combination!

F. London

London is lovely, and it’s your perfect citytrip! There are so many great things to see and do, it’s a bustling city with many, many highlights, great breakfasts and squirrels. Can’t go wrong 🙂

G. Bruges

You’re perfect destination is Bruges! A cute little medieval town that’s filled with sweet chocolate stores and waffle restaurants. Yum! Bruges is not a big city and it hasn’t that many highlights, so it’s perfect for a slow getaway. Just relax, have some chocolate and enjoy the atmosphere. You don’t have to do anything here, but relax!

H. Paris

Oh Paris! Such a lovely city! Bustling with people and there are so many highlights and museums to explore. A city great for shopping and having luxurious dinners. Enjoy the atmosphere, take a romantic stroll and make sure to get some macaroons!


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