Petrín hill, Franz Kafka and Trdelnik

On our third day in Prague, we had already seen quite some highlights, like Wallenstein Palace, the astronomical clock, some synagogues and Prague castle. But there were a few that we hadn’t had the time for yet. One of them was the Franz Kafka museum, where I really wanted to go, and another one was the Petrin hill, where our group wanted to spend some time, so that’s where we started on our third day.

The Petrín hill is a lovely, quiet park on a hill that looks out over the city. There’s lot of cute little buildings inside, but it’s also a place where you can relax for a bit. Which is what we did.

On top of the hill you’ll find the Petrín tower, for an even better view of the city. Some say it’s Prague’s own Eiffel Tower. It’s 63 meters high, so a friend of mine and me decided to skip it, and explore the parks instead. But boyfriend did went up and told me the view actually was magnificent.

I gotta say, the view from the top of the hill wasn’t bad either, so if you’re affraid of hights, like me, don’t worry, you can still see the beautiful city if you decide not to climb the tower.

Though Prague is not the busiest of cities, sometimes it’s still nice to get away from the tourists and spend some time in nature. These parks are a pretty cool place to do that, and I’d really recommend a visit.

We stayed here for quite some time and had lunch in the parks, before our group split up again. Lots of the students wanted to visit Museum Kampa, a modern art museum with pieces like this terrifying gigantic baby-thing… We didn’t go in, but they told me it was quite the surreal experience.

Instead, we visited the Franz Kafka museum. I’m a big fan, so I was excited to see the museum. Franz Kafka was a czech author and I really love his work. The Trial is one of my favourite books. You’ll either like it, or you don’t, but it’s quite the surrealistic literature.

Anyway, I absolutely loved the museum. It showed his original work and told us some more about his life, but the best parts were the ones that made you feel like you were inside one of his novels.

After the literary museum, it was time for more books, so we headed towards Shakespeare & Synové, which looks a lot like Shakespeare & Company in Paris. It has lots of English books. A must-visit for every bookworm!

And then it was time for another Prague highlight! Trdelnik. It’s a delicacy made from grilled, rolled dough and then filled up with icecream. And it’s super yummy! Make sure to try some when you’re visiting Prague!

I had such a great time visiting Prague. We had three wonderful days with lots and lots of things to see and do. On our fourth day we had a bit of a rest. We visited the national museum, of which I have no recollection whatsoever and then strolled through the city for a bit. There was this street perfomer called Chicken Joe with a ridiculously bad show, and he needed some volunteers. To my horror, Boyfriend volunteered en got to be in the ‘show’. He had to dance, which was funny, and he had to hold Chicken Joe’s hand while he lay down in a big pile of broken glass. It was all very weird, but a very interesting memory nonetheless…


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