Surrealism in the Meta Maze

Last weekend was something else. Instead of choosing between sitting at home, reading a book with a cat or two on my lap, or going on a citytrip, we decided to do something a little different… We decided to visit Doloris.

I had seen a couple of advertisments, but still wasn’t quite sure what it was. All the information you could find online, was purposely vague. The website stated:

Doloris invites you to enter her Meta Maze, a walkthrough art experience with over 40 rooms of surreal art, designed and built by the creators of Karmanoia. In the realm of Doloris you immerse yourself in a world beyond ours. As you follow oblique pathways, slip through hidden loopholes, walk through walls and encounter mysterious objects, time becomes fluid.

There are no pictures, no more details and I gotta say, I was a little scared. But we went anyway.

And it was absolutely amazing.

If you’re going on a trip to the Netherlands and you want to see something else besides Amsterdam and endless rain, buy a ticket to Doloris. You won’t be sorry.

Doloris is the meta maze that can be found in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands. An hour trainride away from Amsterdam. You’ll go in alone, blindfolded, without your phone or watch. And then the adventure begins. It’s like walking through pieces of art. Inside, they take off your blindfold and you can immerse yourself into the surreal wonder that is Doloris. It’s not scary, luckily for me, but it’s surreal. You’ll lose track of time as you make your way from one work of art into the next. You’ll have to climb and crawl, try to visit every room of the maze that Doloris has to offer. Untill you’ll reach the point of no return.

It was a whole new experience for me, definitely out of my comfort zone. But it’s not scary. It can feel eerie at times, your heart pounding with anticipation about what’s coming next, what will happen when the music stops or when you’ll turn the next corner.

There are no pictures, because you can’t take your phone inside. Which makes it even more thrilling, because you’ll have no idea what exactly awaits you. And I’m not gonna tell you either, you will have to see for yourselves.


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