How to satisfy your Wanderlust without being able to travel due to the Corona Virus

This whole Corona thing has pretty much disrupted ordinary life. Children are home, the streets are empty, restaurants and bars close, as do museums. And traveling is not even an option, with so many restrictions as to where you can or can’t go. Of course it’s different according to wherever in the world you are, but my country is pretty much on lockdown right now, as are a lot of countries in Europe.

So what to do when that urge to travel comes back around? You can’t really hop on a plane right now. But there are some things you can do to satisfy your wanderlust, even when traveling isn’t an option.

Before I give you my tips to satisfy your wanderlust, I just wanna say: Don’t worry, this is all gonna blow over soon. These restrictions and disruptions won’t go on forever. It will all be okay ♥

  • So why not make some new travel plans? Figure out where you want to go for your next trip. Even if you’re not sure whether you can go in summer, you can still plan ahead without actually buying plane tickets. Choose a country. See what fun cities there are, and look for things to do in the cities or in the area. What museums are there, do they offer daytrips that could be fun? What is the local delicacy and what are the must-sees? Planning is half the fun, if you ask me!
  • Read travel blogs or books to get your fix. Some of my recommendations are
    • This blog of course!
    • Brooke Saward – World of Wanderlust (her blog or her book are both amazing)
    • Sarah Baxter – Literary Places (a book that combines some great works of literature and where they take place)
    • Sarah Mlynowski – I see London, I see France (a YA romance novel about interrailing through Europe)
    • I LOVE the books from Lonely Planet ‘101 places you must visit’, ‘world wonders’, that kind of things. Just browsing through them will make me instantly happy!
  • Read books that are set in cities or countries you recently visited, or that you plan on visiting. To go back there or to get in the mood for your next trip. See my Traveling Bookworm page for my recommendations per city.
  • Go for a stroll on Google Earth
  • Or just outside. There are probably a lot of parks that don’t have gates, that will still be open. If you’re not sick, just spend some time in nature, feed the ducks, read a book, take some pictures. Be a traveler in your own town!
  • Write down a bucketlist of all the places you still want to visit
  • Search for ‘Wanderlust’ on Instagram and see the most amazing places
  • Cook a recipe from another country or city, like paella or goulash
  • Visit an online museum
  • Learn something new, so you can appreciate your next travels more, like architecture or art history

So those are my tips. Stay safe everyone ♥


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