How to survive the lockdown: Games for the stuck-at-home traveler

Hey guys, how are you doing? I’m still cooped up in my home due to the corona virus, and aside from working, I’ve been searching for things to do. The following weeks I will give you some tips for the stuck-at-home traveler. Books, movies and games that fellow wanderlusters might enjoy, because they will transport you to the places you can’t actually go right now.

Today I will share some games with you. Now, I don’t call myself a gamer but I like the occassional video game now and then. Here are some of my favourites!

For the Nintendo Switch I have a totally unoriginal suggestion: Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for little more than a week now and I am obsessed.

I have played Animal Crossing before on my Nintendo DS but didn’t like it all that much then. This time, I’m really into the game. Spending everyday at the beach, collecting shells, catching butterflies and fishes and making your place and your wardrobe more awesome everyday. It’s highly relaxing and rewarding.

I should mention The Sims here as well (which is just as original). I never tire of this game, because the possibilities are endless. And there are quite a few expansion packs that will let your sim travel. You can go to a deserted island (to keep in the spirit of Animal Crossing) with Island Living or visit a city with City Living. I’m also quite fond of the game packs, since they are cheaper and offer different scenery, like magic, outdoor retreat and jungle.

Now for maybe some more original games: I really love Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster, where you can make your own zoo or theme park. I especially love Planet Zoo, because the graphics are absolutely stunning and lifelike. It’s like you’re acutally there and the animals are superduper cute. It’s a good replacement if you’re stuck at home and can’t visit any theme parks or zoos. I could stare at these panda babies forever!

Update! I just bought another new game that is also perfect for those who would like to explore new worlds. Lost Ember is an open world game where you can freely walk around and it has beautiful scenery and you can play as the most adorable animals. It’s a chill, relaxing game where you can walk around and enjoy the views. Another great game you should try is Valheim.

Those are some cool games that will satisfy your wanderlust for a bit. I want to mention some other favourites of mine, that don’t really have to do with traveling. My all time favourite game is Alice: Madness Returns, where you’re playing Alice in a disturbing version of Wonderland filled with horrific scenes and monsters. It’s really awesome, especially if you’re a fan of the original books.

Some other cool games that I enjoy are Slime Rancher, Epistory, Life is Strange and Orwell.

Do you like to play games? If you have some more recommendations, feel free to share them in the comments!


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