How to survive the lockdown: Movies and Series for the stuck-at-home traveler

Hey guys, how are you doing? I’m still cooped up in my home due to the corona virus, and aside from working, I’ve been searching for things to do. The following weeks I will give you some tips for the stuck-at-home traveler. Books, movies and games that fellow wanderlusters might enjoy, because they will transport you to the places you can’t actually visit right now.

So far I have covered books and games, but sometimes, even more so in these times, you just wanna lie on the couch and watch television. And there are some great shows on Netflix and Disneyplus you can watch. Here are some tips on films and series for the wanderluster!


  • The miniseries Our Planet is a beautiful documentary about the wonders of nature that can be found on this planet. It also focuses on climate change and its effects.
  • If you loved Our Planet, there’s another miniseries with gorgeous scenes called Night on Earth
  • I really liked the show Virgin River about a woman who’s escaping her past by moving to an remote village that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. It’s a good show to binge watch.
  • I just bought Eat pray love (the book) because that’s also about traveling and seemed like a great read. The movie is on Netflix, though I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems like a fun film.

Other Netflix shows that I really enjoyed watching, though they have nothing to do with traveling, are Brooklyn nine-nine, You, Atypical, Orphan Black, Sabrina and of course the classics How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory and Friends.


  • If you like nature documentaries, there are some great ones to be found at Disney+ under the name Disney Nature, like African Cats, Penguins or Elephant.
  • There are also lots of travel documentaries by National Geographic on there
  • Though it is really not my thing, did you know that there’s a section on Disney+ that has all the travel episodes of The Simpsons?
  • Disneys Imagineers is a documentary show about the making of Disneyland and it’s really informative and fun (though it does present a somewhat one-sighted story…)

And of course there are loads of fun Disney movies that will cheer you up if you need it!

What are your favouritte travel tv-shows?

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