Postcards from Amsterdam

After we spent quite some hours in the fun museum of Wondr, we wandered through the city of Amsterdam. We had reserved some seats at the cat café on the opposite side of the city and we decided to go for a walk.

Amsterdam is so iconic, with the bicycles, de grachten and the quaint little houses. It’s not my favourite city in the Netherlands, but it sure does has its own beauty.

During the quarantine I’ve been working on some projects and one of them is my plan to open up an Etsy shop. I already made this Amsterdam bag! Our daytrip was the perfect moment to take some pictures.

The funny thing is that you always see these gorgeous sunny photo’s of Amsterdam, while in truth, it actually rains a lot of the time. We didn’t have the best weather this weekend. But we walked quite a bit. Our feet were hurting when we finally came home, it turned out that we had walked 14 kilometers! But all this lovely scenery more than made up for it!


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