Cat cuddling in Amsterdam

After visiting Wondr, we wandered through the streets of Amsterdam. We had quite some time to kill but after wandering the lovely streets and visiting the Waterstones, it was time for our next stop, namely: the cat café, Kopjes.

Amsterdam is a lovely city and there is so much to do! One of my favourite places in the city to spend some time, is Kattencafé Kopjes, the only Cat Café in Amsterdam. Because I love cats, obviously, but also it has this really homey vibe and you instantly feel comfortable. It’s a great place to have lunch or work for a bit, while the cats are playing and being cute around you.

What I love about this specific cat café, besides the obvious kitty cuddles and delicous food, is how well-treated the cats are. All cats are adopted from the animal shelter, and some have really sad background stories. For instance, Tiny, the cat you see here, was saved from a house where 38 other cats lived. 38! None of them were taken well care off, and Tiny misses an eye because of the lack of care for the cats. But Kopjes adopted her and now she looks super happy, enjoying the cuddles from people who come to visit. She loves the attention.

The café is divided up in three area’s. The entrance where the food gets made and where guests come in. While we were waiting there, a guy with a dog came in, setting all the cats on high alert. Who does such a thing?

Anyway, then there’s the main area where the cats live, and where you can spend a couple of hours with them. The last area is not for visitors, it’s only for the cats. It’s where they can go if they feel overwhelmed by all the attention, where they can be by themselves, without humans bothering them.

If you want to visit the café, make sure to reserve a spot beforehand and choose a timeslot around lunchtime. Kopjes has the best lunch (I can recommend the egg salad!) and delicious homemade iced tea. Don’t worry if the timeslots around noon are booked up, for they also have delicous cakes!

The café is always a highlight for me whenever I visit Amsterdam. I love these little furryballs, the food is great and I always want to sponsor Kopjes a bit because they are doing so much for their animals. When you visit, don’t miss the giftshop that’s two doors down, called Wild Whiskers, for some cat related merch or some new toys for your own furry friends!


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