Wanderlust Wonderland favourites: Hotel Croce di Malta

Happy Weekend! Today I wanted to introduce a new category, namely: Wanderlust Wonderland Favourites in which I’ll talk to you about products, hotels, apps or other things that I like and want to share with you. These might be ads, but they will always be relevant for the readers of this blog and sometimes they will even include a discount code. These won’t be weekly posts, just now and then whenever I find something I’m excited about.

Today’s favourite will shine a spotlight on our hotel in Florence. This is not an advertisement, I payed for the room, but, as I was super excited about the ambiance, the location and the rooftop bar, I wanted to share my experiences with you in this new category.

Our room

Our room was not the most special thing about this hotel, but it’s the logical place to start when reviewing your hotel. The room was, frankly, quite basic. The bed was superduper comfy, but other than that, just your average room. Spacious enough, super clean, a very comfy chair and we had a bathtub in our bathroom as requested. The room was clearly not what I was excited about, but it was decent and just fine. Oh and there was airconditioning, which is not too special but it was something I was really happy about, since it was blazing hot in the city.


The hotel had a lovely ambience. There were plants everywhere, everything was decorated spot on and felt like how a Tuscan hotel should feel: warm, luxurious and comfortable. And of course, there was a pool!

Is there a better place to have your siësta? It was so lovely, spending afternoons at the pool. Swimming a bit, reading in the sun, relaxing. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Breakfast was a little different than usual, because of the corona virus. Every day we got a checklist on which we could indicate what we wanted to have for breakfast the next morning and they would bring it up to our room at the requested time. Usually, we go for a breakfast buffet but that was not an option (it wasn’t an option in Rome either, because of the virus), but this was a nice solution. I didn’t mind having my breakfast in bed in the solitarity of our room.

There were numerous options, just everything you would expect, including: muffins, cakes and something that tasted a lot like doughnut balls. They were lovely.

Highlight: Rooftop Bar!

The absolute highlight of our stay was the rooftop bar where we had an amazing view over the city, with the duomo right in the middle. It was an amazing spot to have a drink after a busy day in the city!

Location and prices

The hotel was right in the city center. Only a ten minute walk to highlights such as the Duomo and the Uffizi gallery, and half an hour to Piazzale Michelangelo (since it’s on the other side of the water).The hotel wasn’t cheap, but still a good price for a luxurious hotel in the city center. We payed about 150 euros a night.


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