The beauty of the Boboli Gardens

I am so happy we bought tickets to the Boboli gardens when we arrived at Pitti palace and discovered that our tickets didn’t cover the gardens. The Pitti Palace was a bit of a bummer, but the Boboli gardens were quite the opposite. Blooming flowers, gorgeous trees, statues and fountains. We found a quiet place in Florence that you’ll definitely want to visit!

The Boboli gardens are a part of the Pitti Palace, but you’ll need a different ticket to go in. I’d highly recommend just skipping the palace and only buy tickets to the gardens. You can walk around as long as you like, but there are two paths you can take. The short path will take 45 to 75 minutes whereas the complete path can take up to three hours. We did the latter, because we didn’t want to miss anything. Make sure to have enough time to roam the grounds, for it truly is a beautiful place where you can spend an amazing afternoon.

The entire route will take you to see all the highlights of the gardens. There are statues, fountains and very instagrammable archways like the one above. One part I really liked, were the botanical gardens.

Flowers in bloom, palmtrees, singing birds and scurrying lizards. What else do you want? The botanical gardens are part of the route, but they had different opening times when we got there. They’re on the beginning of the route so make sure to go in and don’t miss anything.

We spent quite some time inside. There is just so much to see! And of course, it was already the last day of our trip, so by this time, my feet were ready to go home. We needed a break now and then, but luckily, there are enough beautiful places inside that sitting down to admire them really isn’t a punishment.

Besides the botanical gardens and the archways, there is the grotto of Adam and Eve, Lemon House and several fountains. Every time you turn a corner, you’ll find a new highlight to look at. The only thing that wasn’t there, was water. It was a hot day and we quickly drank all of our water, thinking there would be several points to refill our bottles. But there weren’t. Whenever you’re visiting, make sure to bring enough water, especially when it’s high summer.

It truly was a remarkable place and I’m really glad we went. It was so quiet inside! If I lived in Florence, I would come here every sunny afternoon to just sit and relax a bit, maybe bring a good book ♥ I already can’t wait to come back here one day!


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