Wanderlust Wonderland Favourites: Rarámuri Sandals

Happy Weekend! Today I wanted to do another Wanderlust Wonderland Favourites in which I’ll talk to you about products, hotels, apps or other things that I like and want to share with you. These might be ads, but they will always be relevant for the readers of this blog and sometimes they will even include a discount code. These won’t be weekly posts, just now and then whenever I find something I’m excited about.

Today’s post is not an advertisement, it’s just something I am really excited about, namely: Rarámuri Sandals. You might be thinking, how are shoes relevant for traveling? I’ll tell you. When packing for a trip, I always bring one pair of sturdy shoes on which I can walk for quite some time, but I always want to pack something light and easy for evenings, short walks or afternoons spent in a park. I like to match my shoes with my outfits but that’s usually not really an option since I only have limited space in my suitcase, and I don’t want to fill it up with shoes. The awesome thing with these sandals, is that you only have to bring one pair of sandals and then a bunch of ribbons, so you can easily match your shoes with your clothing without having to fill up your suitcase.

Earlier this year I discovered these sandals and I was already super excited about them before I even bought them. I needed to have them right away, but they didn’t have my size. I sent some messages as to when my size would be coming in again, and the company told me that they would have one pair in stock soon. So I asked for notification updates and the second I got the email that it was back in stock, I ordered the sandals along with a bunch of ribbons.

But why was I so excited?

raramuri sandals with ribbons

I think the main idea behind these sandals is just so useful! You buy one pair of sandals, which is basically just the sole of a shoe (and you’ll get one black ribbon with every new sandal) but it has little loops through which you can string any sort of ribbon you like. The website has a bunch of ribbons and I bought a few basic colors so I could easily change up the look of my new sandals.

There are also a bunch of ways to tie them, though I have one way that I like and I haven’t tried the others yet.


There are two types of ribbons, suede and elegance. The suede ribbons are superduper soft and therefore really comfortable. They come in an variety of different colors, like you can see on the pictures above. The elegance collection is less soft but they are more detailed. The white ribbons I am wearing in the top picture are part of the elegance collection, called Dreamfields: white ribbons with tiny flowers on them.

We walked about 10 – 14 kilometers a day in Italy and for doing that, I would not recommend these sandals. But you easily spend a good day walking on them if you’re not planning on walking that much.


Okay, the sandals themselves aren’t cheap. There are different styles with different amounts of loops and prices range from €75,- to €99,-. I myself bought the Cancun which has 5 loops and costs €79,-

It’s more than I would usually pay for a sandal but I figured, it’s actually more than one pair of sandals as long as you have different ribbons. You get one set of (black) ribbons with your sandals and you can buy more for €12,95 for suede ribbons and €14,95 for elegance ribbons.

I bought my first set (sandals + three types of ribbons) and my second one (two ribbons) when they offered a free ribbon for every item you bought, so I’ve got a bunch of ribbons now. They often have these deals so if you are interested, keep an eye out for this. Also, I’ve got a discount code for you if you’re interested in Raramuri. Just use this link and you’ll get 20% off.

Full disclosure: I did not get admission for writing this post, nor did I receive any free products (other than the free ribbons you’ll get with every purchase) however, I do get store credit if anyone uses the discount code. This doesn’t change anything for anyone who’ll want to use it.


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