The Leaning Tower of Pisa

After visiting the Boboli gardens in Florence, it was time to leave the city. The plane that would take us back home would fly from Pisa, for it was a cheaper flight than one from Florence itself. It would only leave at night so we decided to make a quick stop and see Pisa’s famous highlight.

We got on a bus and walked towards the tower from the city center. Funnily enough, from this point of view, the tower doesn’t appear to be leaning at all. I really felt like all of it was a hyped lie, making the city more interesting than it actually is.

That was, until we got closer. If you walk towards the church and then turn your back to it, your face towards the tower, it really is leaning. A lot. It makes one wonder how it came to be and how it’s still standing. Especially since you can go inside…

The answer is actually fairly simple, it’s leaning because of an unstable foundation. Twenty years ago, they stabilized it, so it won’t go down any farther and it is safe to go inside.

I actually quite liked the architecture. The tower is very pretty, as is the church standing next to it. They were built in the 12th century, so it’s actually quite impressive that we can still see it to this day, considering the construction faults.

Pisa was yet another example of what corona has done with traveling worldwide. Usually there are rows and rows of people surrounding the tower, all being very original in taking selfies with the tower. I actually wanted to make a video of the people ‘holding the tower back’ with the music of Michael Jackson’s thriller underneath it, but there just weren’t enough people to do that. I only saw three or four people taking ‘the picture’.

We didn’t really see anything else of Pisa. We had brought our suitcases and were ready to go home, so after visiting the tower, we tried to get on a bus back (which was harder than you’d think, after waiting in the full blazing sun for 10 minutes, the bus came, the driver waved at us, but didn’t stop, so we had to wait for yet another bus) to go to the airport, to go back home.


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