Utrecht guide for ordinary travelers

Wanderlust Wonderland brings you: a travel guide for ordinary travelers, with must-sees, tips and tricks and the most delicious food, for ordinary travelers, like you and me.

My favourite city in the Netherlands is Utrecht. It’s a charming city that feels very homey. It has all the highlights Amsterdam has, but it is less crowded and feels more comfortable, if you ask me. In this post I want to show you all of my favourite places in Utrecht!

Things to do

  • Visit the botanical gardens and spend some quality time with beautiful butterflies
  • Go on top of or under the dome (when they’re done renovating)
  • Go shopping
  • Wander around and marvel at the old buildings and canals
  • Play some games at the arcade
  • If you’re a booklover, make a stop at the library and the local bookstore


  • If you have a sweeth tooth, visit Frenchies, one of my favourite lunchrooms. Freakshakes, unicorn pancakes and mermaid cupcakes. It’s all super yummy and looks amazing!
  • Graaf Floris is a lovely restaurant along one of the canals that has everything. I keep coming back here. The soup, sandwiches and salads are delicious!
  • Favourite of the locals, the one and only Broodje Mario on Janskerkhof. Bread with cheese, salami, chorizo, some greens and a green pepper! Big enough to have for dinner as well.


  • The pancakes from De Oude Muntkelder are to die for. You have your traditional (Dutch) pancakes with stroop and/or poedersuiker, an all you can eat pancake arrangement ánd more adventurous pancakes like with shoarma, salmon or apple. I recommend the spanish pancake with nachos!
  • If you love Italian food, go to Il Pozzo. A beautiful old building with the best pasta in town. All dishes are yummy, but I recommend de trio di pasta for everyone like me who has a hard time choosing one dish!
  • If you wanna try a traditional Dutch dish, you have to go for Kroketten. Manneke Pis has the best in town!

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