Travel Guide to Tulip Season

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Tulips is one of the things The Netherlands is famous for, and lots of tourists come in just to see the endless fields of color. Time for a travel guide on the how, when and where of the Dutch tulips!


Between the end of March and halfway through May, the tulip fields are in full bloom. It depends on the weather of course, but usually they are the most beautiful halfway through April. For the most accurate status of the tulips, keep an eye on social media.


Most tourists will visit the tulip fields around April, since the flowers will be at their prettiest then. So it can become very crowded, especially at the most popular locations.

  • Number one, most popular location is the Keukenhof. I’d recommend not going there. The location is absolutely gorgeous, with a castle and beautiful gardens. I go here every year for a fantasy festival called Castlefest, but I’ve never been there during tulip season. I know people who have and it’s really not reccomended. You can see the flowers of course, but if you want to take a bunch of picture in between the fields, you should try another location.
  • We visited the Noordoostpolder last year. There was a special route you could drive, cycle or walk. We opted for walking, so we could spend some time between the flowers taking gorgeous pictures. Bring your own picknick basket if you want to have lunch looking out over the flowers. It was not at all crowded (mostly because it was just tulips and not much else) so perfect for taking pictures without having others behind you in your photos!
  • A third location you can see the tulips is Noordwijk and Sassenheim. Located directly in the bollenstreek, it’s the perfect place to see the tulip fields. Don’t miss the flower parade!

Do’s and dont’s

  • It’s really obvious but still: don’t harm or pluck the tulips. Be careful where you’re putting your feet, especially if you want to take pictures inside the tulip fields, make sure to not crush them. And don’t pluck the tulips, you’re not allowed. There a probably some vendors nearby where you can buy a bouquet of tulips.
  • Make sure to bring something to drink, as it can be warm around this time of year. When you’re visiting a place like the Keukenhof, there will be plenty of places you can have a bite to eat, but if you’re driving or walking along the tulip fields, there’s not much nearby and you’re walking around in the heat of the sun. Be sure to pack some water
  • Photography tip: pictures of endless fields can get quite boring, so make sure you have a subject to photograph, like the odd-one-out flower or someone standing in the field


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