Top Three Bucketlist Goals

Bucketlists are great. Mine seems to be never-ending. I want to go everywhere, do crazy new things, try different foods and live a full life in every city there is to explore. Everytime I come across something awesome I want to experience for myself, I’ll add it to my bucketlist: a list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket. Luckily, I’m still young and chances are that I can cross off a lot of them. Of course, right now it’s getting harder and harder to fulfill those bucketlist needs, but what we can do, is take a closer look at our lists and prioritize what goals should be crossed off first, and to look back at which ones we already completed!

What have I crossed off already?

Right now, my bucketlist counts 57 goals. If I would add every city I want to visit (and re-visit) the list would turn into an endless scroll, so I focused on experiences rather than cities. As of yet, I have crossed off 7 goals. The most awesome one is obviously seeing the Northern Lights. I’m sure this is on a lot of peoples’ lists and I am ever so grateful that I’ve got to experience this already. On our trip to Lapland, we saw the lights, first vague green swirls, but later on the entire sky turned green as the lights were dancing. It was absolutely magical!

On the same trip, I could cross off another one of my goals, which was to ride a dogsled. If this is not on your bucketlist yet, add it! You’ll want to do this. It is absolutely scary, and hella cold, but oh so awesome!

Other bucketlist goals I already crossed off are: spending a weekend in Disneyland, earlier this year when I spent my 25th birthday in the happiest place on earth, seeing the tulip fields, drove an old-timer, took a ride in a gondola in Venice (oh so cheesy but oh so fun! Especially when it suddenly started to rain…) and went to a christmas fair.

What bucketlist goals are highest on my list?

Go on a safari in Africa and see the penguins on Boulder’s Beach

I have been dreaming of visiting Africa. Actually, we were planning a trip to South Africa for 2021, where we would visit Cape Town and Johannesburg, see the penguins on boulder’s beach (which is also on my list!), drive the panorama route and visit the Kruger Park. It would be a dream journey and we were already setting some money aside for this trip. 2021 is maybe a bit optimistic but I hope we can at least do this trip in 2022.

Harry Potter Theme Park

Hello, huge potterhead here! I have wanted to go to the Universal Studios; Wizarding World of Harry Potter since I first heard of it. I have never been to America but this will probably be my first stop when I go. Every single time I see videos or pictures I immediately want to get on a plane and fly to Florida to spend a couple of days there. Maybe never even leave…

La Tomatina

Have you ever wanted to throw tomatoes at people? I don’t believe it if your answer here is no. Of course you’d want that. And that is exactly what Tomatina is all about. A food fight, with tomatoes. Probably painful, but who cares. It sounds like so much fun! Every year the festival is held in Bruñol in Valencia (Spain) and you have to sign up before you can join. I can’t wait to do that!

What goals are high on your bucketlists? Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!


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