Autumn and a wild sheep chase in the Veluwe

Last week we went to the Veluwe because the walls were closing in. It was a lovely autumn day and it was really nice to get out into the fresh air again. Moments like these will be scarce and further apart, we went into a partial lockdown again yesterday.

The Netherlands is getting more and more covid cases and our numbers are now high above those of Germany and France, that while it’s such a tiny country. It really is too bad. I’m glad we’re in partial lockdown again, to try and keep this virus under control, though it does mean it will get nearly impossible to visit cities and do daytrips, and thus, having less blogs to write for you. I will do my best to keep up posting, maybe once a week rather than two. I’ll keep you posted while I stay inside, and I hope all of you will be safe as well ♥

The Veluwe is my go to place whenever I’m feeling down. It’s a really beautiful area near Rheden. We usually wander through the forest until we reach the heath, which is gorgeously purple in august/september. This time, we went down there early. We tried to go before sunrise, but that didn’t completely work out, but still, we were there early enough to have the feeling of being the only ones there. Save for a few joggers.

We could hear all the birds singing and saw a hare run past us, too quick for me to snap a picture. It was a lovely morning. Morning really is the best time to visit forests, if you ask me, before the masses of people who can’t go anywhere else decide to go to the forest as well. Be there, before they wake up and you have the place to yourself.

The heath wasn’t purple now, anymore, but there were mushrooms everywhere! I lost count of the cute red-with-white-dots mushrooms, but there were countless other ones as well.

Another reason to visit early, are the sheep. Now, this was a surprise for us. As we spent an hour or so walking around, photographing the mushrooms, we came across a field of sheep. Just as we walked past, they started to move simultanously and then a black and white dog came running. It was on the other side of the fence from the sheep, at our side, but it didn’t matter. The sheep moved and got into a formation waiting nervously.

Then, the shepard came and he opened the gate, getting the sheep running through it. Another dog appeared and both of them herded the sheep the way they should go. One tried to escape, but the dog wouldn’t have it!

I have never seen anything like it. Apparently, they let the sheep out every day around 10. It was a wonderful sight! Another reason to visit in the morning!

After the wild sheep chase, we decided it was time to go home again. This area never fails to surprise me, being it lush purple fields, funny looking mushrooms or sheep… It just keeps on being wonderful.


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