New: The traveling Bookclub

I’ve got some exciting news for you! As you might have picked up by now, I love books almost as much as I love traveling. That means I really enjoy reading, but also that I love talking about books. I have been in a few bookclubs but had to cancel them when I moved to far away. Then I thought, why not start my own, international, online bookclub?

I’ve got a segment on this blog called The traveling bookworm where I talk about books that are related to travel. I focus on a specific city or country and recommend books written by authors from those regions or books that are set there. It’s something that I really love to do and I thought it would be a great idea to combine this with a bookclub where we can discuss those books together! I asked around on Instagram and quite some people were interested, so let’s make it official!

Wanderlust Wonderland – The Traveling Bookclub is now live!

The international bookclub will be live through discord, so everyone can join, regardless of where you are in the world. I think it would be great to have a community of both readers and wanderlusters, together, talking about traveling and books. So, are you in?

I want to choose a new book every month, and there will be a poll where bookclubbers can vote for their favourite book. The book that wins, is the book we all shall read. For the first bookclub, however, I have picked a book myself since that seemed an easy way to start.

The books that we will discuss in this bookclub will have to do with travel, or somehow engaging with the location it’s set in in a meaningful way. Think about books like Death in Venice, The Salt Path, Eat, Pray, Love or The Medici. For our first bookclub I have chosen a graphic novel that’s written by Andrea Wulf and illustrated by Lillian Melcher, called: The adventures of Alexander von Humboldt.

This book focuses on the life of (well duh) Alexander von Humboldt, who was an explorer and scientist in the 18th and 19th century and this book focuses on his travels, adventures and discoveries. Check out the goodreads page of the book if you wanna know more!

Join the bookclub by sigining up through this link and stay tuned for more information đŸ™‚


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