Unplugging in Twente

For a romantic getaway, we had booked a Star Cubicle in Twente. A tiny house (and I mean really, really tiny) with a glass dome on the roof so you could watch the stars from your bed. It seemed like a lovely way to unplug for a bit, and escape the daily realities.

So this weekend we stepped in the car and drove an hour and a half towards Lattrop-Breklenkamp, a place I’ve never heard of before, and one that I’m quite sure I can’t pronounce. From the road we could see the little cubicles already, but of course we had to check in first.

The main building was lovely and warm, and in non-corona times, also the place where you can have your breakfast or dinner. We checked in and drank a cup of tea in front of the hearth, before finding our cubicle: Castor. All cubicles are named after constellations, our neighbour, of course, was Pollux.

Did I say tiny house? Because tiny it was! But nevertheless, it was fully equiped. There was a bathroom, a small kitchen, a comfy couch and a ladder that led to the bed, from where we could see the stars. Though the space was tiny, it was super comfortable and warm and there was a lot of space for our bags.

We booked the star cubicle through Erfgoed Bossem, which also offers lodgetents and rooms/suites on the farm. Because all of it was on the farm. When we drove onto the terrain we were greeted by a long line of cows, happily munching away on heaps of straw. There were also goats and chickens, which was great, because we had fresh eggs every morning 🙂

We had booked the Fire & Flames package, which meant that we would get firewood and matches, marshmallows, cookies and hot chocolate. Though afterwards I thought it a bit pricy for what we got, it was very nice to spend an evening at the campfire, telling stories, playing the ukulele. This was the winter Fire & Flames, as the package changes over the course of the seasons. In spring and summer you’ll get a bottle of rosé and some nuts, in addition to your campfire, and in autumn there’s bock beer. There’s also an package where you’ll visit a nearby observatory, but that one’s closed now.

The reservation of the star cubicle also includes a little telescope. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy the days we were there, so we didn’t have use for it.

Even if dinner inside the main area is out of the question, thanks to corona, you can still have dinner in your cubicle. Before your arrival, the company will send you a menu from which you can order breakfast, lunch and dinners. For our first night, we had ordered the beef stew and for our second night we had the pasta bolognese and the tomato soup. Now, I really enjoyed the star cubicle and we had a great time, though the food wasn’t great at all, unfortunately. There were some weird ingredients in the dishes, if you ask me. Like star anise in the stew which made it taste funny (I didn’t like it at all, boyfriend thought it was okay) and peas in the tomato soup (which was really, really bad). The pasta was okay, though a bit boring. I gotta say that the salads were really good. As was the bread.

If you wanna book a star cubicle, I’d advise to wait until the lockdown is over and the restaurants are open again!

I would advise against ordering the dinner dishes. The other meals though, were actually very good. We loved the breakfast basket that was filled to the brim with freshly baked bread, eggs, fruit, yoghurt, cheese and slices of meat, amazing apple juice and more. Lunch was also very good. There was an option to order a knapsack lunch so you could easily take it with you. Though it did not come in an actual knapsack, it was still pretty good, just like the breakfast basket, there was a lot of choice, and plenty of food. Our fridge is still filled with all the leftover bread and fruit 🙂

We spent our time reading and relaxing, even doing some yoga in the morning (whilst the cows were merrily mooing in the background). It was a lovely place to unwind for a bit. On Friday, we didn’t do much besides reading, playing games and spending time by the campfire at night, on Saturday we took a hike to explore the area (being led the way by a kingfisher, more on that later) and Sunday we left, packed the car and spent some more time exploring before returning home.

It was an amazing weekend, for it was different from all the other weekends we had in the past months. Corona has made every day look a lot like the day before and when days start to blend together, time quickly passes you by. So this really was great, and unique. Though we did not actually see the stars (it was way cloudy), I’d still recommend this star cubicle, even if only to get away from the monotomy.

And even if we didn’t see stars, we did see something else that we haven’t seen for quite some time in the Netherlands:

SNOW! It almost never snows here, so it was great to watch the snowflakes fall on the glass dome above our bed. Almost as if we were back in Lapland again. But not quite.


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