Six things I wanna do in my own country

As traveling still isn’t an option, I’ve been exploring my own country. I have to say that I’m surprised at my findings. There’s a lot of places I didn’t know existed and loads of things you can do in the Netherlands, that I hadn’t heard of. Time to make another list: Six things I wanna do in my own country.

Upside Down House Amsterdam

The Upside Down House in the UK has been on my list for quite some time, little did I know there is one closer to my home: in Amsterdam! The website states:

And while you explore this mind-bending world, you’ll be exploring the boundaries of your own creativity at the same time. We want to trick your brain and tickle your senses. Expand your mind and enrich your knowledge. Let your imagination run wild and make your fantasy come to play. Be shameless. Take as many pictures as you like. Strike all the poses you can come up with and share all your discoveries. There’s no right nor wrong. No good or bad. In fact, sometimes there’s not even an up or down.

It sounds a bit like Wondr, where I spent an amazing afternoon last year. A playhouse for grownups, with loads of instagrammable features. I can’t wait to visit! Of course, this is only possible whenever the lockdown ends, so I’ll have to wait for a while. But when it opens, I’ll be there!

Visit the Waddeneilanden

Did you know the Netherlands has islands? We have five of them: Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. I have never been there before but it always sounds like a beautiful part of the country that I have yet to explore. Other parts of the world always sound more interesting, but maybe now is a good time to go.

Visit Reitdiephaven

I’ve loaned this book from the library called ‘A thousand things to do in the Netherlands’ for some more inspiration on things to do in this country. One of the entries was about this place in Groningen, that Instagram found the most beautiful spot in the Netherlands and was also called ‘Curaçao of the North’. It looks more scandinavian, if you ask me, but still, it sounds like a cute place to visit.

I have never been in Groningen before, not the city or the province, but I hear the city is quite beautiful. I know it also has at least two cat cafes, so it’s worth the trip to visit someday!

Sealcentre Pieterburen

I’ve wanted to visit the Sealcentre since I was a kid. It’s a place where rescued seals are brought for research and rehabilitation. I’ve wanted to visit to see seals in the first place, but also to learn more about the animals and about how the centre rehabilitates them. Of course, the seals are wild animals and even though you can visit, you’re not allowed to pet or ‘play’ with them. So this centre is indeed eco-friendly and not in it for the money.

Shell Grotto

In a manor in Nienoord, Groningen, there is a shell grotto. There’s a legend that one of the maidens who worked there, was curious about the treasury. When she was found peeking at the gold and jewels, they locked her up in the room, ordering her to cover the walls with shells, only to be let out of the room when she had finished the task. She did, though she was an old woman when they finally let her out of the room. I’ve seen pictures of the ‘grotto’ and it really looks impressive. Whether the story is true or not, I’d like to see it.

Have dinner at ‘toet’

Anyone have a sweettooth? In restaurant ‘toet’ you can have a 7 course dinner that’s only desserts! Definitely one for the bucketlist! 😀 ‘Toet’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘Toetje’ which is dessert in Dutch. It sounds cute and I’m up for this 7 courses of toetjes!


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